Keeping pest out of soil idea

Has anyone ever used a big net to keep pest out. It would cover the entire pot and you could pull the draw string tight to the stalk…just seems like a good idea better then panty hose maybe…any thoughts…

I too have thought about that as well.
I’ve had spider mites for about 6 months and have tried many organic products and they have helped somewhat control them but the most recent application has been using natural predatory spider mites ordered from Arbico Organics and it’s working great!
The veggie mites that eat the plants seem to be under control using the meat eating mites. Like in nature with lions and gazelle things will stay in balance as long as man doesn’t screw it up.

The reason I didn’t move forward with netting is that it makes things difficult to apply my dry nutrients and also cover crops and mulch I use growing organic and no till.
And after all the bugs will find a gap in the covering eventually anyway.

Not sure if your having pest issues or not but nature has a way of dealing with bad bugs using good bugs.

Hope this helps

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Ya i’ve had on going battle but i’m winning right now. Ya i’d like to get into organic growing and beneficial bugs, i just haven’t narrowed down choices yet for next grow. SO much learing from just doing it and trying different things. Love the k owledge in the net but im more of a visual learner. In my city choices are limited and i worry with shipping in the cold they might die?

Can’t hurt to give them a call and discuss with them about your issues.
If I had it to do over again I would have gotten predatory mites from the start as would have been a lot cheaper and much less hassle and work.

They never were eradicated no matter what I used but with the meat mites they are being managed and all with no work on my part. And I reuse my soil which saves me a lot of time and money.

As far as the cold I’m in N.E. Ohio and received shipment 2 weeks ago with no issues and they know how to get them to you alive as that’s their business.

For sure! I will look into it. Not sure if it gets down to -30°C -35°C in ohio?

@Myfriendis410 knows a process, sorry for all the tags Myfriendis410, i had mites last grow , i put de on my soil at the start of my grow this time

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Thanks duxe, ya no mites at the moment thankfully. Been dealing with f.gnats or winged aphids. Can’t wipe em out but keeping them under controle. Tried most things on them and haven’t been able to wipe out. Next grow should be better with all my new knowledge.

There are a couple of products that work for some folks and not for others, depending on what they are fighting. I do a combo of: Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew, 5 days later a spray down with 50/50 3% peroxide and distilled water, wait 24 hours and hit it with BtK spray then wait 5 days and hit with peroxide again.

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I use this works well for me image

Hot shot no pest strips are toxic as hell
I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole.
Up to you but my health is more important than killing some bugs

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