Keeping outdoor plants small

A question from a fellow grower:

How can I keep my outdoor plants as small as possible? I have 6 plants growing outside but I need to keep them small so they remain hidden. Is there a way to keep them small? I don’t mind sacrificing some yield on them.

top during veggie stage maybe twice and you could tie plant over and manipulate the plant

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There may be a good point in the middle where you do not have to sacrifice yield to get a good plant that is shorter. Look up LST (Low Stress Training) on you tube or in the guides in this site. LST is bending and re-directing the stems and leaves with twist ties and other methods. I personally use fishing weights that I hang from the stems with Christmas tree ornament hooks! LST is mostly used on Autos because they cannot take trimming but I used it on my AK-47 fems and it worked GREAT, I had eight top cola’s when I finished. I didn’t even know about LST when I did it, just proceeded with it as a way not to cut my plants.

Super Cropping and mainlining are other good options. garrigan61 has a journal going on mainlining that you might want to look at. There are a lot of ways to train your plants to stay short and bushy, you just have to read up and decide what works for you.

Good luck