Keeping mice away from my harvest

We have mice in the garage, and I was hoping to dry my buds there to minimize the smell in the house. I’d like to be sure the rodents don’t get to my buds when I hang them to dry. I know mice can climb and stuff, so I wonder if hanging them from rafters will be protection enough. Anybody dealt with this?

By a cat! Sorry had to do it - i have field mice at my shop if you hang them from Say fishing line or string i doubt they could climb down that -

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I have the laziest cat ever. She doesn’t care​ about mice or birds, she just want to curl up someplace warm.

Useless. But cute.

Fishing line. I’ll try that.


@Lia get some mint plant
It irritates there senses and they don’t like it
They should leave the garage all together if you get enough of it around
I plant it all over my yard and around my garden


Good call I was going to say the same :+1:t2: My cats are the same lazy and fat lol :joy: Not saying yours is that mine are they just want to lay there

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@Hogmaster mines lazy too hahaha we had mice upstairs I think she even showed them where all the good stuff was hahahaha

That’s a very convenient solution since my elderly gardening enthusiast neighbor just invited me to thin out the mint that has taken over a patch of her garden. How much do I need? Like, a moat around the whole structure? One plant at each corner?

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Yeah it will spread out so I put a small plant here and there around the house and garden maybe one on each corner to start in time you’ll be looking to thin it out as well
And very convenient lol thanks you neighbor lol

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I would get a different freakin cat! What the heck you buy it Cat food and you groom it etc
least it can do is get off its ass and kill mice

No tom there

We got this cat to be a companion to our previous cat, who died.

Back in the day when she chased mice, she brought one to us ALIVE to play with ON THE BED WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING.

I’m not a cat person. Mint, I can handle.

Hehe trying to teach you to hunt.

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Both Work.