Keep the pee-ewe under control

Howdy folks!
Its me again, the noobie PITA that loves to complicate and over stress about every
issue under the grow light. I’d say “every issue under the sun” but that would be a lie
because I’m an indoor grower. (CwutIdidthere)? Internet humor, it’s ok if you don’t get it.
It wasn’t that funny to begin with,

Just a few days ago I gave my green kids the chop. Beyond sticky scissors, 3 pairs of
nitryl gloves and a few recycled sauce jars, here I am with another complaint. DAMN it
smells in here! After 4 months of growth, sneaking around my neighbors and doing every-
thing in my power to keep my new hobby a secret (my neighbors are the biggest mooches
on the planet) the smell could be the thing that lets the cat out of the bag.

After the first plant I noticed how the smell just hung in the air like the ghosts of gym bags
past, Sweaty socks and a weight belt that sat in a nylon bag soaked with my sweat for 3
months ain’t got nothing on this bunch, let me tell ya. I had to think fast and make something
work in very short order (or odor, whichever you prefer).

Under the sink I had a bottle of cleaning solution with odor neutralizing ingredients. I took in
a stray dog once and needed something to cover up my lease breaking house guest. So I
took it out, grabbed a few baby food jars (I have a friend saving glass jars of all sizes for me)
and quickly MacGyver’ed my way into a quick fix.

I took an old undershirt and cut it into long strips, poked a hole into the tin lid, used a pair of needle nose plyers to open the hole a bit more, pulled the piece of shirt thru it, filled up the
baby food jar and HOLY CRAP it worked!! Like a ghetto Glade air freshener, it worked!

I made 3 small ones, and left a larger amount in a larger glass jar without the lid. Right
next to the entry door so no give away scents would escape. These are the two closest to me
and I’m too lazy to grab the 3rd. LOL

The stuff I’m using is called Odoban. Got it from the biggest importer of cheap china crap and
the one store most people hate going too, If anyone else is encountering this problem this
might help. Just look for Odor Eliminating solutions of your favorite scent. It doesn’t have to
be this exact brand or liquid but I can attest that this stuff really works for my situation.
It has a Eucalyptus smell and is rather pleasant. It’s not a heavy perfume smell and it isn’t
overwhelming. If someone came into my apartment they would assume I just got done
cleaning, which I like because it’s not an instant give-a-way that you’re hiding something.

Hope this helps someone in the future,
It’s Hump day so only 48 hours until the weekend.
Enjoy the rest of your week my friends and I hope
your weekend is even better,