Keep or not keep. That is the question

I started this ??? Too late at the end of September.
It was barely a seedling.
So I brought it inside, transplanted it to where it is now, a 2 gal. Cloth pot.
Within a week it turned green and grew 1 inch over nite.
It also had these little white hairs starting to pop out.
Above photos are current. ( 12/6/19 )

Keep or not.
Thanks :thinking:

Flowers, keep her

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I agree to keep her, but I would look into a light upgrade. Especially if you’ll want to continue indoor growing.


I have a 600w I kept her under. I was afraid she might be a he…wanted to keep away from my other plant.

And this is my light


Oops…I was mistaken. 300 w
My bad


Actually it’s 135 watts and nowhere near adequate for flowering plants.


Called it…


@Blu1, I would have to agree with the others. Looks like a girl to me. Like @Myfriendis410 said nowhere near adequate on the light. I believe it’s 50 watts per square foot of growing space, from the wall. You might want to tag @dbrn32, he could probably advise you as the amount of light that you would need based on the size of your growing space.

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