Keep killing them keep trying

I posted back on 15th…what is wrong here. I have killed 5 GDP, 5 gg4, this run was 5 crit mass and 5 lsd. Down to 2 lsd and one looks gone. I use 1.5 rockwool ph’d to @6. Cup water til tap @ 2 days into rockwool, in small dome with t5 til @ 1" remove Dome put under CMH 315 Watt about 40 in at 195 Watts watch them grow looked good slowly started dying off!



These are 3 days ago…
Dying one by 1. 20 seeds and 2 maybe 1 let


Looks like they’re damping off. How wet are the Rockwool? I start (without soaking, paper towel) directly into my coco and water really light. A few month back I had lost a whole order of seeds due to damping off. Rookie mistake.

I lost the first 10 , so I tried to keep them on the dry side this time. You know I would at first dip them like a quarter of the way and pH tap water like in a bowl just to get the bottom part then the little Roots started to turn brown and I thought they were riding but I quit dipping them in water and started spraying the sides like one or two squirts on each side more often but I just don’t know

Is your tap water city water? And if it is are you evaporating off the chlorine?

The only other thing I can think of is your PH meter. Have you checked the calibration? Most larger grow stores will also help calibrate or at least be able to test your meter.

Also once you get your seeds started and in rockwool only dunk them in water every 3 days. Do not do anything else. Rockwool holds a ton of water and it last for days. Try that, it works for me.

@Incorp Way to much water it’s rockwool only a few drops at each feed and you need to keep humidity up to 70% take them out of the holder and put on a paper towel to draw out some water don’t put back in holder till it dries out they are both saveable

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Yeah. I’m pretty sure they are over watered. I just barely give them a splash of water when they wake up. Even then I check the medium first. L

@Incorp and try the peatmoss plugs next time they are more forgiving unless you are growing hydro then use the other plugs they feel like foam sorta they are brown lol I don’t know I use cork disks to do my seedlings

I took them out of tray. Now what do I do.
Almost 2 weeks and no roots on bottom



    June 22

Yeah. I’m pretty sure they are over watered. I just barely give them a splash of water when they wake up. Even then I check the medium first. L

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@Incorp let them dry for atleast 3 to 4 days the roots are there if top is green and leaves are growing roots are there just let them dry out


Hit send by mistake, it was suggested here that I get them out of tray and put on paper towel to dry out. There are no roots out of bottom of cube and they are almost two weeks. This morning @ 1/3 of the leaves were a very dark green. The rest of leave closest to stem were still light green as on the pics.
I was 77* and 54% humidity this morning.

Other than color change they haven’t changed from putting them on paper towel. The cubes this morning felt dry as a bone


I would seriously consider using a different medium to start your seeds in, before ya run out of them. A clear cup with seedling soil has given me 100% success, just need stem support usually

@Incorp yes are they dry to touch and if you give them a little squeeze do they still feel dry if so put them back in container with dome keep heat around 70 and humid in dome at 70 to 80 percent that will keep it moist enough under dome spray the dome lighty so you see the drool it’s on dome cover and leave for a day then ck the rockwool and see how moist they are

Yes they were dry, so they are in a dome now. How high should the water be in the tray? I try to keep it @ a 1/2" from bottom of cube. Cmh 315w is 20" above tray, its adjustable so I turned from 245w down to 190w. 57% humidity and 78*.
Tips on tall plant are even darker than this morning and feel hard.

@Incorp No water in tray. Just mist the dome with a spray bottle and cover. Keep humidity around 70% temp at 72. Also the two bigger leaves consider them you new feeders they are going to die but let it happen naturally. The growth you will start to see in center is the growth you need to watch. But ck the rockwool every day if they are dry tomorrow water them in tray till u see a little run off like a few drops from bottom of rockwool then cover and don’t feed water again for like 2 to 3 days and you should see roots soon. You might need to mist a few times a day to keep the humidity up a bit. I just realized you said 1/2 from cube never do that you shouldn’t put more then the ridges at bottom of tray I’ve never gone higher then half a ridge