Keep it up or take it down?

I have never covered my plants in the past. Over the weekend I covered them with greenhouse plastic cause we were going to have storms rolling through and I didn’t want the buds getting wet and pounded. Lost some in past from bud rot. I was skeptical if it would hold due to the high winds. Worked like a charm much to my surprise. Question now is, do I take it off or would it be ok to just leave it on. Is it going to get too hot? The front and left side, the plastic only goes halfway down so air is getting in. I just dunno what to do wouldn’t be to hard to roll the plastic up but do I need to? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. @Cannabian @anon86641082 the only ones I’ve seen that grow in a greenhouses, not that this is a greenhouse but kinda, any thoughts?

Thanks for any and all suggestions :hugs:Also, I’m on the east coast so it won’t be getting really hot around here anymore

@Mr_Wormwood @Lacewing what y’all think?


If you have decent airflow under it …I can’t see it being an issue …just keep an eye and if it’s getting too hot maybe get a fan or two maybe blowing air out ?
As long as the buds aren’t touching the plastic ,I think that might cook them

Should be ok


Haha I just zoomed in a bit more

I’d leave that no problem …they won’t get wet and that’s the goal

I don’t think it’s sealed off enough to create the kind of environment that would be too humid

It’s also actually great work and a good idea in my opinion

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Thank you so much for the vote of confidence :blush: Yeah, the front and left side only go halfway down and I’m sure the wind is getting through the back between the slats on the fence. No way the plastic is hitting the top of plants, I have twine going back and forth side to side and crisscross from the stakes around perimeter. My neighbor said I looked like spiderwoman when I was hanging it.:joy::joy:( Cool neighbor on my right)Then I have plant stakes around every plant. If the storm last night didn’t bring it down, I think it’ll stay up. Just don’t wanna cook them. Thanks again @Lacewing , I do have electric nearby maybe I’ll set a fan in there just in case. Good idea👍


I don’t even know the fan is necessary
You can be the judge if tings seem stagnant …

I would have done something exactly like that if I could because the plants are protected from rain but still getting plenty of light …

Idk because I am a noob …but I’m harvesting in the early am and have zero rot …I’d like to think it’s because of my whacky need to keep them dry hahah

Haha spider woman

Ypu should put on a costume to really freak the neighbor out …

Imagine them looking through the window ?? Like WTF??


@Lacewing @Freebud Question please: I am a first time EVERYTHING. Growing outdoors. I’m on the east coast as well, but southeast Georgia, and it’s hot as crazy here. I’ve thought about covering mine as yours are because of tropical storms during September/October. However, I’m concerned that it would be much too hot on them.
Think it would be ok to do this here?? Should I add a fan??
Any advice is appreciated.


Just be cautious during rain storms. That can cause bud rot quicker than you think. May want to cover them again when it starts the heavier rain season.


@Tula Covering is a good thing, I would leave sides open, and must keep air moving, as for the humidity can still cause rot. I grow in a greenhouse and I close it up at night run a dehumidifier all night, then open when the sun comes up.


Great job on covering them just make sure you got good airflow in there

I keep the sides open but if I know that rain is coming I put the sides up and then pull them down when it’s over. When the sides are up there’s still huge openings to let airflow through.


All these guys have you covered …
My only thing would be hang out in the environment you create …and see how it affects you …the plants are getting whatever that is 10 fold or more …


Feel free to remove it if the weather is fine. Otherwise I wouldn’t worry to much unless its brutally hot there.

As you can see in this image, I ventilate both at the bottom in the front and at the top in the rear. This causes good airflow.


You got some great advice. When it comes ti green houses it’s all about airflow and temps. I thibm you should be alright. On nice days roll up the side as much as you can. Solid work. The weather is a real pain this time of year for outdoor.
At home I grow full sun.

At work we grow in green houses.

Check out this sweet old school wet wall. Straight outta High Times kinda stuff. :wink:


@Dforce @Lacewing et al thank you! It’s supposed to get pretty nasty here in a few days. The humidity here is oppressive. I’ll cover and keep a close eye.

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They’d come out and say gimme some of what you’re smoking :joy: For reals, they’re good peeps. Even came over to help us get the tarp on :hugs:

I did sit in the tent to see how warm it was, I ended up rolling the sides up. But I suffer from hot flashes sooooo…:joy: That’s my plan roll em up and down and perhaps a fan​:person_shrugging:


Thank you so much @plumbdand , I have better ideas for a more secure structure for next year.

I’ve just paid more attention to these than I ever have in the past and decided spur of the moment I don’t want them getting wet.

Thank you @Cannabian , decided to roll all sides up and down just to be sure.

I forget to ask the stupid question of is enough sun getting through the plastic? But that’s the whole point, sun in weather out? Figure someone would say you’re blocking such and such with that plastic. Greenhouses aren’t just for certain plants right?

Ok well you’re a professional I’m an old lady​:joy::rofl::rofl: Greenhouse is huge.

Love love love your home garden, bet it smells nice.:heart_eyes:

Someone asked once on one of these threads what we do on the east coast during storms. My answer was, let em ride it out. I have since changed my mind. If keeping them dry helps with prevention of bud rot why not if there isn’t any I’ll effect on the plants​:person_shrugging: Not wet, wind isn’t nearly bending them in half. Neighbor to left hasn’t called the town yet on new structure :rofl::rofl: …woot woot…lol I am so high

@Tula Just listen to what these folks are telling me and I’m sure you’ll rock it👍

I’ve been growing for years and have learned a ton of stuff off this site :100:.

Love love love my ilgm seeds too, flippin worked out exactly as they said.:dancer::dancer::dancer:


Plastic does block some energy, but in the grand scheme of things not a whole lot. The sun is mighty powerful. In fact, some stuff like the difuse poly I use from Northern Greenhouse supply, os actually far superior to straight sunlight in certain areas. It spreads out light very evenly, and reduces some of the harshness. Anytime you use an enclosure, even partial, you need to remember that ventilation needs to be maintained, and when shut in… nature can no longer control pests… the equilibrium can be upset quite easily. Heat and excess humidity can wipe out your plants in days… even hours in super hot areas. Ive had my greenhouse peak to over 120f by 10 am because I forgot to open it up. Too long at that temperature and your plants are toast.

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2 LA Confidential 1 Goldleaf, and a Pennywise… I also use greenhouse plastic, works wonders.