Keep em' flowering and sex?

Pretty bummed out, it looks like now 3 more plants have gone into flowering. So out of 18, 9 plants started flowering. The days were only getting longer when I put them out, but oh well.

There are 6 that are pretty deep into flowering and 3 that I just noticed in the last few days. My best looking flowering plants, 2 gorilla glue and 1 mk ultra are in uhaul garment boxes until its dark out. The rest I put in the shade and my shed. All of these locations are not light proof, but some are as dark as night where I am located. With that said, can I keep them flowering like this if the days are only getting longer?

Also, just wanted some expert help on if these are females or males? Thank you in advance

Look like females. Whether you can keep them from revegging depends on if you can remember to put them in a dark place for12 hours everyday.


Looks like this one is already starting to reveg


I was really worried, it wasn’t looking so thick. How can you tell? I shouldn’t have any issues getting them out of the sun, but how dark is going to be the hard part

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From these leaves. They’re losing their serrated edges


So when the edges started getting serrated its going into flower?


No, when they start losing their serration they are transitioning back to veg. Once they return to full veg they will start producing serrated leaves again.


Yeah bro they do look like reveg , make sure to keep 12 hours straight of darkness