Keep buds green during drying

How to keep buds green while drying

Is there anything special to do


Well as long as u keep them in a room at y0° and 60rh or so all should be good. Have air movement but no direct air contact with the buds so they don’t dry too fast. Once the smaller quarter inch stems snap when bent not just bend jar it up with a meter and see what the rh in har is after 24 hrs in jar sealed. If 59 to 62 rh and holds there without going over 62 much they can go for cure and be burped once a day for a week then once every other day for a week til u get to once a week after that should be fine to be left alone. Now they have Grove bags and the eliminate all the burping when dried and holding the good rh drop in Grove bags and leave them alone no burp necesary

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Can you tell us what you are trying to accomplish? The color of flower has very little to do with the drying process and some color changes may naturally occur. I’m struggling to understand why you would want to “keep buds green” unless you are taking about preventing mold.


I thought same but didn’t say it just threw out my opinion on drying lol