Keep a mother plant or just clip clones each generation?

Just sprouted some Sour Diesel ILGM seeds this week. Looking to keep this strain for a while, since it is my all time fav. I am either gonna setup a veg tent and grow a mother plant to take clones from, or just clip clones off a new plant from each clone generation.

Will the 2nd option dilute the strain at all?

Which would you do and why?

Thanks to everyone for the info! I’m learning by leaps and bounds…

My understanding is that you can take clones from a mother plant in veg pretty much in perpetuity, but taking clones from clones is supposed to eventually be bad.

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I have never had problems taking clones from clones. You can let some of your buds go to seed to so when you harvest leave some on the plant. I have kept a strain going by just using clones from clones for 3 years with no problems. A mother plant is good to have if you have room for it. I like getting seeds to save for when I switch strains .