Keep a female to clone

A question from a fellow grower:

Not even started still buying equipment lol moving house soon as well I’ve gone for 400watt hid using mh for veg stage then changing to hps for flower stage I’m going to make my own box/old wardrobe about 8080150 lined with mylar with 3 USB powered fans in bottom corners pushing air in at 65m3ph and a 4inch 176m3 ph exhaust fan in top corner with carbon filter. A co2 bag hanging in there using canna Coco soil and a bit of perlite and probably your booster in 12 litre pots. Will have a thermometer etc in there keeping tabs and a timer for lights. Will be putting a ledge on left and right side for a fan and was thinking about having a few full spectrum led bulbs from both sides on 24hrs in veg stage and normal 12hrs in flower stage just for the extra light, I figure enough ventilation for extra heat etc and going to make sure it’s light proofed and the PC fans will have dust/bug filters put across them. I’m going to attach a mesh above the plants to try scrogging really looking forward to starting but will be a few weeks yet. Once ready looking for the feminised white widow you stock and doing 3 or 4 plants I’m researching how to keep a female to clone from in a separate compartment but size is an issue wanna keep a small female but do you have to keep them in veg and keep pruning to keep it small? And just use cuttings from it to grow in main compartment? Sorry got a bit long there lol. Let me know what you think

Best time to clone is 2 weeks after lights flip to 12/12, everything else looks good however becareful adding to much light It can cause “bleached” buds and ruin yields, and harvests