Když jim dávám stejné živiny a jedna je s toho špatná


She’s looking really good @Mitak17!


Thank you friend, I’m trying to do what’s still going to be waiting for me to drill the main stem down and eventually two days before the harvest I’m pouring ice, I think you did something like that


Yeah I did and I noticed a difference! Hopefully you have similar results :+1::v:️ I’m smoking on some of the AK47 harvest topped with healthy amounts of Kief


How many days does the stem break before harvest?


You can do it a couple days up to a week before harvest. Haven’t heard of people going longer than a week and I’d imagine some stem rot could begin after a certain amount of time. Either that or she’ll heal herself and keep going, lol


Also a week before the harvest, I found more information about it


Nice! If you have more zip ties, I’d zip tie the top and bottom of the cut on the bottom photo too to prevent the split from moving up the stem. Other than that, nice job :+1:


Today I’m going to do it so I hope it will