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I can’t not move at least a little to that. Homeboy’s got some moves! His pupils ain’t too bad, neither :wink: Reminded me of this one:

…and then that to this lol

Always cracked me up how they compared the Scion to a toaster lol
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Nobody here freaking watched this video? Boo!


Yesterday, Day#15

2.5 gallons tap
1 tbsp Demeter
2 tbsp Persephone
2 tsp Epsom
1 tsp Recharge


Each of the oldest received 6 cups. I gave WWx a cup, as well.

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I’m getting to it. I missed a couple days, catching up on all my subscriptions lol


How fecking dare you have a life outside this forum. I shall never forgive you.


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Water Day
Each of the 7 big girls received 7 cups of the following 6.1 solution (WWx got 3 cups):
3.5 gallons tap
1 tbsp Demeter
3 tbsp Persephone
1 tbsp Epsom

Blue Dream’atic was put into her final home!
Her medium make-up is slightly different because I ran out of Cloud Coco. She is in a 5 gallon cloth pot filled ½ Happy Frog, ⅓ Cloud Coco, ¼ Promix Bx, and 1 tsp Recharge. I’m going to treat it like the others, unless she tells me otherwise.

She was watered in with 6 cups of the following pH 6.1 solution:
6 cups Tap
¼ tsp each–Demeter, Persephone, and Catalyst
½ tsp each–Root Trio


Everytime I read through your journals I’m reminded… You are on a whole different level of " grower with humor" always informative, informational and funny!! I always learn alot but then that leaves me with more questions to go research… Lol

Ive been using Fox farm Trio for nutes… Pretty straight forward but there’s better out for us newbies. Any suggestions?
Also I saw where @Stonedrus is using the source… Is that the best way to make concentrates for home users? I was going to get a press but there’s sooo much you can collect from steams and trim you really can’t do anything with unless you extract correct?


Thank you! :grinning:

I wish I could give you nutrient advice, but I’m not overly familiar with many lines. Fox Farms seems to be a good tried and true line of nutrients. Just follow their flushing guidelines and you should be good to grow, right @GreenJewels?

As for Press vs Source, that’s a toughie. The Source doesn’t make your extract, it just concentrates it down using a closed loop vacuum system and low heat. It reclaims 75% or more of the ethanol. Plus, you can use the machine with a Buchner Filter, so your concentrates are extremely clean. It’s a good all purpose machine, but everything you create in it will take time (though faster than air evaporating). I love my Source and it’s already paid for itself. Caveat: you don’t really need one to make extracts, but it makes the process faster and saves so much $ by reclaiming the alcohol.

A press is great for making dabs within several minutes. You can use those dabs to smoke or to create ingestibles, but without winterization and filtering, you end up getting lots of waxes and such in each pressing. The pucks can be made into a QWET.

I am absolutely in love with my Source, but if I could afford a press, I think I’d buy one, too. The Source has made me crave dabs, now. :grinning: But, I don’t think I can wait til it’s 30 below outside to satisfy my cravings with Source Dabs. Luckily, I have over 9 grams of Sourced dabs.


Fox farms definitely has a great line up. I do wish it was all organic. I use fox farm dirty dozen except the flower kiss. I don’t really wake up at the dark period… I’m lazy. I also don’t like spraying buds with anything moist if not absolutely necessary, so I skip it. I’ve been looking into other nutes too. Also heavily reading on soil building If you want to go cheaper, still not organic but Greenleaf has a free sample of mega crop on their website. I’ve used it and liked it. Along with their sweet candy and bud explosion. They’re dry nutes so cost and shipping is cheaper. My last photo grow was with Greenleaf nutes. Current autoflower grow is FF


Thanks so much! I made some bubble hash this morning and want to compare to dry ice hash. Just seems like a lower quality but I maybe wrong. Looking at some of the stuff stonedrus posted… O my… That looks fantastic. I think I’ll get a source and see how that goes. I have teens I’m trying to hide from so less smells are better and eventually I’d like to do Edibles and capsules. All new for me but loads of fun. I’ll ask some questions in my journal here and there if you don’t mind?

@GreenJewels thanks! I may ask you some stuff on nutes as I go if you don’t mind as well? There’s just so much out there… :exploding_head:… I’m just wanting what works well and stick to it until something makes it better!


Love your work !


I never mind questions about weed!

I don’t know much about making hash via bubble bags and stuff, but dry ice would probably win because the super cold temps are more effective for trich removal and make for cleaner result. Same kind of principle with ethanol extractions.

Please let us know the results of your experiment.

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It is work, too, isn’t it? Thank you!


Your very Welcome!


Do you prefer dry ice with cured or fresh?

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I have never used dry ice, personally, so can’t say I have a preference.

Depends on if you’re trying to make a live resin type extraction, I guess. If by fresh you mean straight from harvest to frozen.

Yea sorry, harvest to frozen. I guess it’s just a preference, I’ve read both ways… And dry sift. I guess when I start making some I’ll figure out real quick which one I like better… Lol


They’re different techniques, so depends on what you want, terp wise.


Midway through decarb: