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I’m taking a short break before the next program begins, so sit back and let me tell you what I’ve got in store for you:

Basic Grow Equipment
-2 tents for a total of 25ft² of grow space
-2 320xl v2 QB’s, one respec’d
-1 approx 400cfm adjustable fan, tents share ventilation
-2 clip fans and 2 small floor fans
-1 humidifier
-1 radiator style convection heater, outside the tent
-Blue Lab pH pen
-Apera EC pen, if needed
-5 gallon fabric pots
-17"x18" screens (Individual ScrOG)

The Details
-Earth Juice Original 5: Grow, Bloom, Catalyst, Meta K, Microblast
-NFTG Demeter’s Destiny for my main Calcium
-NFTG Persephone’s Palate for feeding the microherd & supplemental Calcium throughout life-cycleand Terpene booster during mid/late bloom
-AN Nirvana, as a bloom booster
-AN Root Trio, used during start,seeding, and transition
-Real Grower’s Recharge as a soil amendment and microherd booster, used throughout life-cycle
-Medium, per 5 gallon container: 1.5 gals Promix BX mycco; 1.5 gals Happy Frog, 1.25 gallons Coco (soaked and pretreated with DD and epso), ½ gallon Perlite, 1 tsp Recharge
-3 air pumps and 5 air stones that produce larger bubbles

The Girls
Tent A–The Gift/Trade Tent
Jack Herer @GreenJewels
Black Sugar Rose @Haildamaged
Solomatic CBD (17:1) @Bubblehead
Green Crack CBD (1:1, ~8%) @Bubblehead

Tent B–The Blues
Blue Dream’atic
Blue Cheese
Blue Amnesia xxl
Critical Blue

*Will be pushing the Lights, as well as the VPD as a kind of training method, so I plan on feeding lighter, particularly Nitrogen, which has burned me too much in the past

*No HST, but am planning on Scrogging each from about Day 19-Day 35, then I’ll remove the nets

*My goal this grow is to get all these girls to harvest without stunting a single one. I hope for 18oz min, total. My last grow total was just over that, for 9 plants. It was not my best grow. THIS GROW WILL BE MY PERSONAL BEST, TO DATE…I hope. It probably won’t be, but you never know.

I plan on throwing up lots of music, as well as bud porn.

Stay tuned for January 22/23, 2020, when this grow officially drops.

Thanks for tuning into KBTB 420FM
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Good luck with these!


Happy growing!


Thanks for the well wishes and welcome along!

Hey, forgot to add, I’ll also be using:
-Earth Juice organic safe pH granules, as needed
-RO water during germination and seedling stage, then I’ll switch to Well water


Following @blackthumbbetty this’ll be awesome fun to watch.

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Good luck! Set to watching :v:

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Thank you! It just wouldn’t be fun growing without you along!


I’m not sure if you’re being genuine or f’ing with me, but either is alright. :smiley:


I am actually being genuine.

CBD is a helluva drug, man.


I’m contemplating daring the strip tonight. I think it’s cold enough and late enough, the idiots will be thinned out some at least. It’s either that or wake up to dankruptcy.


Oh, no! Sounds like Strip time. Boo! Wish you could grow a proper garden for yourself. You know, a weed garden.


Very soon.

F it. here I go.


I lied. I have to charge my phone first lol

Might as well get high while I wait…

“Your order is ready for pickup…” ya gotta love technology.


Hoooo, can’t miss this!
Set to watch. :eyes: :eye: :eyes:

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well as all ways late … im in @DoobieNoobie gave me some seedsman Northern Lights auto and fastbuds zkittlez autos to help start up my New Grow OP in Eastern Oklahoma so along with SBR i droppin some of those too!


I’m hear to watch learn and listen. I’m just curious is this satellite radio or free radio? I’m not allowed to get satellite radio because of Howard Stern :joy:


It’s free radio! At KBTB 420 FM, we’re Forever Marijuana :notes:puff puff pass :notes:

I’d make Howard Stern blush.


So, you’re moving? Franchise?

Doobs is so nice to you. :grinning:

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KBTB powering the nation coast to coast boarder to boarder !

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Nobody stays in my home, except my wife, pets, and me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: