Kansas First Time Outdoor 😎

Hello all thanks for taking time to read this.

Kansas first timer. We make our own compost and soil and use it for other crops outside, however, since this is the first time I’ve tried this I got a bag of Fox Farms soil and have been throwing it in along side our soil and so far this is the result:

Any tips and suggestions will be appreciated and also (if the pictures are clear enough)…the 3rd one broke and I found it one morning and taped it together and I don’t know what the strains are before anyone asks :kissing_heart::call_me_hand:t2:


I suggest you determine the sex of the plants. Check this link

And then check your plants.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve been watching and I believe all signs are leading to female but it might be a bit early yet to accurately tell the sex. Also for general information they got topped like 4 days ago to which they are responding differently. One seems to be getting really bushy while another (the one that broke) is more “slim.” Time will tell I suppose as I don’t have any special plans for these. This is an experiment that still is developing :rofl::call_me_hand:t2:


Any and all tips to get these plants to bush out would be appreciated. Have only topped them once and have a horizontal panel setup planned for when they’re a bit bigger. But other than that I dunno what else to do as the rain is relentless and the cooler temps are slowin em down for sure.


Can anyone tell me if this is in early flower

Grow update: 1 plant turned out to be male 1 plant started to show signs of hermie so I pulled em Bith and am down to one fem


If ya scroll to the top, the very first plant is the female, the second was the hermie and then finally the male. I do have to say where there’s darkness there’s also light as I found 2 different sprouts in with the tomatoes yesterday morning and have made plans for each respectively…here’s pics of both :exploding_head::sunglasses:

The first and youngest:

The second and more developed:

This experiment started by dropping seeds in the garden from random bags throughout me saving certain ones I thought were decent. Hoping something will produce something come September/October. :crossed_fingers:t2:And will update as the grow develops.


One thing you can do to make the plants bushier is bend the stems so more light reaches the lower nodes. They should respond to the light by growing new/more side branches.

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Thanks for the tip! Bending the plants is ok for outdoor plants? How long should I leave them bent for? And should I top it again since I have it outside? Any and all help is appreciated!

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Need the low stress training. That way when everything is stretched out it shoots for the light. You can Google low stress training

The plant will tell you when you need to stretch it on out. Just keep bending the tips under it will go back up to the light. It’s like bending a rubber pipe you got to do it real easy and gentle just keep going and it will bend. If it snaps or break no problem little bit of tape keep going

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That’s a female plant I can see the white hairs pistols whatever you want to call them that’s a female

What are your thoughts on pruning outdoor plants? I’m considering getting rid of a few bigger leaves but overall feel like I shouldn’t so I haven’t :rofl:

Yup outdoors vs indoors makes little difference with regard to low stress training.

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Thanks very much for your help

Take most of the big fan leaves off, they only collect energy. You don’t need them all. Then if you wanted bigger colas, take off the tiny buds at the bottom of the stem. It’s called lollipopping. You want to be able to see the sunlight hitting the medium at the bottom of the stalk

I super cropped my mother’s. They got so many Bud sites I can’t count them all. Low stress training at first then super crop.

Research man. That’s the only way you going to learn for yourself that’s what I did I research. Go up on Google ask a question it shows you all kind of videos.

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