Kannabos cross wid k-kush and my shugz gold


@stells I was thinkin u was sayin that u joker hahaha :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::+1:


Hey family how is all so it’s 13weeks today on this last one and this is wat it look like im not sure :thinking: on wat to do wid it wat yr take peps it’s has puffed and dense but as u will see u tell me plse @stells @Sirsmokes @skgrower @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @Mikos



We told you to leave her brother, thats why!


That I will do my bro I’m wanna them ones who likes to knw wat happenin or why it would do things like that bless


That’s pretty much what they do when not harvested too early.


Just be patient. This is the hard part waiting until the right time. And it’s always going to be a couple weeks longer than they say.


Thank fam but this is my x which I got a few seeds frm Punjab and had a male so I pollened up my kosher kush and that’s wat in the foto wat is takin it’s sweet time as u hav been readin it play wid yr head wen you don’t knw wats happenin and I also x the hybrid one wat was done in 60day there is foto on them too some way back if u saw and was real good and strong it jst dis one as u can see @DoobieNoobie


Hey family how are we doing so ere is a update on this last one kannabis kush I think com on the 13/14week and this is wat it look like plse tell wat u think and wat I shud do it is dense and fat but still some white hairs so ere

@dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Sirsmokes @skgrower @stells @Mikos bless


Hey family jst a update so my lady has gone up to 14weeks now and it looks good not sure if I shud let it go this last weeks or take dwn in a few dwn wat you think family it is like the foto above this post it is foxtailin it think a little @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @stells @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos


What do trichs look like?


U knw it’s not like the other were u will have tri every and frosty this look like there are not on the out side cause on my other I get it all dwn the leafs but this no I take a foto again to see if I can see them ok this is wat I meen


When i zoom on pic it gets blurry. Even with a good picture i won’t see them as well as you do. The bud development is there, so when the trichs are ready cut her down I would say.


have a look at this one @dbrn32


Sugar leaf


Don’t worry about the leaves, check buds specifically. It’s so hard to tell under the hps, i got nothing.


I knw I wait till it go off at 6am or have u seen the pic wen light was off above these post try see if u can if not don’t worry
Also so wen it come to flowerin it don’t matter about the time it’s in flower cause the time this one has took bless


Here fam I got a good pic and it may be comin dwn in a few day I think wat u think :thinking: @dbrn32


I didn’t see anything screaming amber


Hey family jst a update so I did see a few Amber so I have left will be taking dwn sat it is starting to :fox_face: tail up I think I have pic well let me tak nxt one