Kannabos cross wid k-kush and my shugz gold


Here are the ones I’m takin dwn in a few days maybe tomorrow or day after wat u think :thinking:

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This one needs more time


Looks like it still has time left. It’ll gain weight if you hold off for a while longer. Lots of white pistils it looks like. But i’d be watching the trichomes to see how close they are and harvest by that instead of by looks.


I agree, usually wait till pistils are receding


On the 2nd photo kush x kannabis yes I will that one is no way ready yet but the 1st photo wat do u think that is my hybrid x Kannabis I think maybe take down soon it jst on 56 days it’s fatten up here a foto of that one



It’s your plant bro. Only you can make that decision. I’m only offering my thoughts. Either way I bet she will be good by the look of her.


I don’t see any reason to chop it yet. But maybe it’s just lighting.


Of course fam that all I ask bless


So family how are we doing so I took them down on day 60-61 I think was a short plant but it had fat little nuggets I also see a blue purple tint on some off the fam leafs u forgot to take foto I see if I can find on old foto anyway I am dryin now will see wat it like soon can’t wait will take foto of it bless @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie


Congrats on harvest!


Hey family how is all jst a update so the other 2still hanging and the kannabis kush is still going will put up foto it may be a 11weeker well I hope soon but it looks great and it got a nice smell to it


Hey family how is all the update so I still have the kannabis kush left to finish but the other two wow smell real good looks good and smokes wow there were two left of the hybrid x kannabis new name 5river skunk nice or anyone wid name for it @skgrower @Sirsmokes @stells @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Mikos here is a foto of them

o sticky as hell


Looks like good stuff. Congrats on the harvest


Very nice, congrats!


It hi as hell and smoke good


Hey family how are we doing dis is a update on the last one to go is the kannabiskush and wow it’s lookin good it past 10weeks by 3day and it is starting to puff out but there are still many hairs on it well ere is a foto @skgrower @Sirsmokes @stells @Mikos @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @daz49


They look great!


Great job!!!


Cheers family so wat I have noticed is that the kush x kannabis it looks likes and smell like the kosher kush and wen I did the other one my Shugz gold (blu-widow x kosher kush) x kannabis it started bring out a blu tint to the fan leaf and the other was a lighter one both sticky as hell ere is foto of that

can u see the difference @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @stells @Mikos @skgrower @Sirsmokes


Hey family how are we doin jst a update so jst the one left one this which is the kannabis kush it on 11weeks today still has them white hair some are goin Amber it startin to get dense but have not puffed out hopefully wid the 2days dark shud make a diff let see wat happens bless o will put up foto after the 2day bless @skgrower @Sirsmokes @stells @Mikos @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32