Kannabos cross wid k-kush and my shugz gold


Thank fam let try to put some foto up ere we go


and there are 4 Kannabis x da hybrid and one kannabis x kosher kush nice it will be interesting to see how the hybrid one will come out dat is kosher kush x blu widow =Shuggz gold now new name five river skunk cause that were the kannabis is frm Punjab (five rivers) blessd @Sirsmokes @skgrower @Mikos @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971


Hey family how are we doing I hope all is good so I put all of them in 12/12 so far so good one is super crop hopin that will make some big nugz and that is the one that is the hybrid and the only one wat is not is the one wid kush x can’t wait and see how that will be

@Sirsmokes @skgrower @dbrn32 the one wid ties is the cropd one and the 1st one in foto is the kush brown pot


Look great bro, nice work!


Hey family how is all so my lady have been in flower for a week and a bit nd they are lookin good so far there is 5 of them the 2 autos will be done by next week givin flush 2moro water for a week then let it dry out for a week


Hey family how are we doing I hope all is good Wid all so I was checking out my lady and wow :astonished: they look good in jst the way it is growing compared to the the other strains even tho they are still skunk it jst had a reboot in genetic frm the kannabis this shud be goodrtr a some foto have a look and tell me wat you think remember 4 are c Wid the hybrid and 1 is wid the kush

@Sirsmokes @skgrower @dbrn32 @Mikos @raustin


They look great, nice LSTing.


Hey family how is all so jst a update my lady’s are lookin good but for some reason they are short so i is finkin they could be more Indica then sativa and the fat leafs but 2 may be Satvia have look foto above and the auto I had going are going to be done by end week or mid next week good growin all and bless


Hi again family update again on these beautiful lady’s

@skgrower @Sirsmokes @Mikos @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @stells


You’re kicking ass all the way around. Keep up the good work.


I agree, great looking grow!


The baby are still going strong lookin good


Hey family ere same foto of my lady’s lookin nice

@Mikos @skgrower @Sirsmokes @dbrn32 @DoobieNoobie @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 Sorri the new one in there are clone jst the 5bak ones


These baby are looking good the ones that are x wid the hybrid my Shuggz gold is growing like wen I had the blu widow in the 1st ever one I did and the kush nice I really cant wait for these for real the 3 on the bak are wid the hybrid and the other short one and the real talk one is wid the kush nice @skgrower @Sirsmokes @Mikos @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32


Hell yea looking great!!#


Hey family how are we all doing I hope all is good wid all and how is everything on yr grow so I have been jst chilling smoking it up and dis is a update family and the lady are lookin so good i can’t believe it and the smell on them wow :open_mouth: the 5river kush lord give me more and the hybrid one omg wow nice here are sun foto

@Sirsmokes @Mikos @skgrower @DoobieNoobie @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @stells


Awesome, keep up the good work!


Wow good looking ladies.


Very nice dude.


Looking good!!! Keep it up and your gonna have a nice harvest bro