KadavaGrow's First Grow of 2020

This will be my 5th lifetime grow. First in a few years. Nothing to crazy as far as set up goes. My previous grows I documented privately. This one I decided to post online to garner input from my fellow growers. Thank you in advance for stopping by, following or sharing an advice.

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These started out in Red Cups as seeds on 5/14 under a big ass LED. I use this for my seedlings before they go to the tent. Happy Frog from FoxFarm was the soil. Left over from previous grow. Transferred from Red Cups to 3 Gallon Grow Bags with Ocean Forest Soil on 5/24. These pics are from today, Tuesday June 2nd.

Today the new growth looks rough to me. Shriveled almost. I have been holding off watering them since repotting them as their soil from Red Cups was still wet when repotted. Thoughts?

These 3 pics are of the Big Ass LED I use for seedlings. These seeds started on 5/24 and await transplanting.

They can use a little water if you wanted to. The pot with 2 plants in it are you going to transfer one out of there? It will work for now but not much longer want to separate before roots get tangled and one will kill the other come flower and have a lower yeild on both
Nice setup keep it up

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Nice thanks for the advice. Yes, was pulling the double pots. Adding water now. Thanks again

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ThcinKc suggested I remove the doubles from the 3 gallons as to not choke out the other plant. So I did, and also transferred the other seedlings into 3 Gallon Bags 4 w/ Ocean Forest and 1 with Happy Frog.

As I await arrival of the other matching 600W LED and Premium Seeds from SeedSupreme, this grow is turning into an experiment as these seeds are all “unknown” bagseed. The 1 600W LED gets good coverage at 18" of the 3x3 area. Would you raise it for seedlings? 2 600W LEDs overkill for a 3x3 VEG Tent? I have 1 1000W LED for the Flower Tent when it’s time for 12/12’s.

I haven’t done a grow with 9 3 Gallons in this 3x3. Most i’ve had at once was 7. Which was manageable. I’m planning a scrog for these to help with management. Also will be training, FIMing, and topping these in the weeks to come. Has anyone grown 9 3 gallon bags in a 3x3? Thoughts and input?

These pics were taken last night. Tuesday June 2.

I did add a small fan above my light pointed down to help with heat and air flow.

Crazy humidity jump from the tent being opened as I worked.


Lots changed in the tent since last post. Has been a busy week. Decided to split the grow. Half in tent half out side.

I have been keeping notes in a notebook of a details of the grow, as well as taking pics. Last pics posted are from 6-4-2020.

These pics below are from 6-7-2020. On this day I moved all the Red Cup Seedlings into the tent as well as added 2x 300W LED for the sprouts and the 600W LED for the MAIN POTS.

These pics are from 6-10-2020:

I started to FIM 3 of the 5/14 Plants. They are 3 Nodes high. Been starving them of water as much as possible as I have to leave for a week. Hoping that a good soaking the night before I leave, that they will be good for the 7 days I’m gone.

I brought all the 5/24 Plants outside in the sun. New Grow Light arrived today also. Gonna set up tomorrow.

Made a 5 Gallon Covered Bucket as my feeding reservoir. PH of 6.5. No Nutes added for now.

Gonna also switch the light cycle from 24 HR to 18 on 6 off before I go, so they can start Veg while I’m away.

IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_2096 IMG_2097 IMG_2098 IMG_2099 IMG_2100 IMG_2101 IMG_2102 IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 IMG_2108