Jza444's First Indoor Soil Grow

Hey everyone. I’m moving my ‘Early Veg Setup Questions’ link to my new grow journal. I feel it had a lot of useful posts that have really helped me out, and could probably help others out as well. Thanks to everyone who posted for the solid advice and ideas.

Here is the link to the older post. I’ll consider it the first part of the new grow journal for reference.

Here are the ladies. Hard to really tell vegging timeframe with these clones. I have them in week 3 for for nutrients. The clones were in really bad shape when I received them. Some were in a pre-flowering/flowering state, and the rooting process took forever. Also, it took a while for the roots to develop into the 3.5 gallon pot from the smaller 5" pot. My fault for not going smaller with the first transplant. That being said, here are the healthiest four clones. There is a Bloodstar clone not listed in the picture. Some of the leaf damage came from the early cloning/rooting stage. The Glueberry clones are vegging, but doing so in a very sporadic manner. Probably the result of being cloned in the flowering stage. I probably won’t need to top them, as they are bushing up without my help. The Cherry Pie clone is growing with reckless abandon. I’ll certainly need to train, or she’ll get out of control quickly. The Platinum GSC clone is doing well.

Any information pertaining to my setup, nutes, light, etc can be found in the link above. Happy growing everyone!


Here and tagging along as normal. The girls are postively exploding! Nice new growth. Week 3 sounds appropriate but remember. Clones are technically as old as the mother plant was. So they maybe more week 11… just tiny :joy::joy:

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@PurpNGold74 Thanks for tagging. I appreciate all your advice and info. Really helped me a lot so far. The 11 week estimation makes a lot of sense. They all still have pistil formation, and are pretty much waiting to flower, just like their mothers. They were pissed while reverting to veg mode. Took over a week and a half after they rooted to revert to vegging. Really hard on the first grow with these clones to guess the proper week of the nutrient schedule I should be using. Thanks for tagging along. I’m doing everything I can to try and get some decent herbs on this. Gonna try quality over quantity on this one.

From what you can see, should I be topping/fimming on these ladies soon? The Glueberry clones are bushes, so I don’t believe they need to be topped. The Cherry Pie and PGSC need to be topped, or they will end up hitting the ceiling before long.

Today’s watering info:

Water in today was pH’d well water: 6.35
Average runoff pH: 6.55
Average ppm from runoff: 1710

Added Advanced Nutrients Cal/Mag to watering. Used Great White myco on Glueberry beta, and both Bloodstar clones as a test. Myco hadn’t arrived as of transplant last week, so I’m just using it now on a few plants to see if it helps anything.

Next water will be with distilled/Fox Farm nutes.

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All looks good; runoff numbers indicate a pause in any feeding.

You dictate where they are with clones. My advice is to pick a week and note your plants at that point in their lifecycle. All or your clones look to have successfully transitioned back into veg. Some supercropping will definitely help to open up the plants. Personally I prefer fabric pots to plastic, simply to maintain the correct moisture/air mix.

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MyFriend is spot on. Id refrain from more feeding til those ppms get under 700. And use more lst and cropping then any topping at this monent

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@Myfriendis410 Thanks for checking the ladies out. Yeah, I made a big mistake with the plastic pots. Fortunately, the bottom is well drilled, and the sides near the bottom are drilled. Last thing I need is root rot.

@PurpNGold74 I thought the ppm was kinda high, but my FF nutrient schedule lists a week 3 ppm range of something like 1650-1900. Should I be using different parameters to gauge ppm?

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Also, the LST sounds way better than cutting right now. I’ll make it happen. Thanks.

Week 3!!! Wow u got a copy of that? I try to keep week 3 of veg under 800…

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@PurpNGold74 Here is the feeding schedule.

Wow. Thats a bit strong

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@PurpNGold74 @Myfriendis410 Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to get it back under 1000 before watering with nutrients again. I was simply following the schedule. Thanks for the info.

It might be a pain, but at some point, would someone be willing to give me some ppm range ideas moving forward? Veg? Flowering?

You didn’t even need to say this was a FF schedule, based on the TDS haha. FF is nororious for high numbers. After all they aren’t in the business of conserving nutes lol.

If you are in soil you don’t need anything until flower (assuming good soil). I didn’t even OWN veg nutes until starting to run coco or Promix.


@Myfriendis410 That’s really good info. Much appreciated. I would have no way of knowing, otherwise. I’ll let those numbers drop down a lot. I have some sledge if I need to flush. For now I’ll just go straight water for at least the next week. Thanks again.


All in all you are doing good. One thing new growers focus on is the ‘science’ or ‘chemistry set’ aspects to the grow and if you like mixing nutes you should look at coco. The point I am trying to make is to look at your plants and they will tell you if you are doing well. Green, vigorous, tight nodes, good smell etc. all say “I’m happy”. Burned tips, scruffy leaves, yellowing etc can indicate trouble.

Ya gotta go with your plants haha.


I hear that @Myfriendis410 The info from @PurpNGold74 and yourself is solid, and much appreciated. I’ve been raising vegetables for over 25 years, and usually just watch them to know what’s up. I shouldn’t be treating the ladies in my tent any different. Thanks for the reality check on that.


Very true. Its all a listening and watching game. With more grows, u pick up on their lil telltale signs. Ull know ‘o she may need a N boost’ or ‘dang i forgot to calmag’ or ‘crap i think she needs a flush’ but only after uve already screwed those things up and learnd


I hear that. I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for the help.

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I will not be running nutrients again until after veg flush and first or second week of flowering. I had no idea not to use nutrients during veg phase when using ocean forest. Thanks for the advice on that.

Below is the Glueberry alpha (Alice). She is about 10" tall, and about 12" in diameter. Looks very healthy.

Below is the Glueberry beta (Rachael). She is about 9" tall, and about 10" in diameter. Has three distinct main stalks. Kinda looks like a trident from the side. Seems healthy.

Below is the Cherry Pie (Ginger). She is about 10" tall and 13" in diameter. Probably best in show so far. Pretty tight nodes, and extremely healthy.

Below is the PGSC (Taylor). She is 10" tall, and 10" in diameter. Tight nodes, growing well.

I did not list the Bloodstar clones. The beta (Billie) looks healthy, but is rather small and stretchy. I’m gonna give her away at some point before the flowering stage. Her sister, the Bloodstar alpha (Veronica), is starting to fill out, but is a bit stretchy.

Have some soft ties coming from Amazon in a few days. Gonna start tying them down soon. Happy growing everyone.

Cheers :candle::herb::triumph::dash::+1::yum: