Just worked out what im going to run

Well ive been thinking about what im going to run next well ive come up with this im doing a blue widow photoperiod from dark wizard genetics and im doing a XL kush auto from dark wizard genetics and a CBD lemon auto from I don’t know the genetics of the lemon cbd auto im doing the blue widow outside in a self watering grow bucket i made and the other two will be going into my tent most likely

This is how i germinate my seeds no soaking seeds i place cotton pads on a plate i wet them down with water then i place a seed on the pad and cover it with another pad i wet it down and i cover the plate with plastic wrap then i put it in to a warm dark place with in 24 hours the seeds will pop


Set to watching buddy cant wait

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Thanks @LiesGrows i will keep everyone posted on the grow its my first time doing a photoperiod plant im always doing autos

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Following along :raised_hands:

I typically run photos but have gotten into autos alot this past year i like the qyick turn around and not having to switch light cycles

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Im not sure if im putting it in a tent yet i mite do the photoperiod plant outside yet