Just won't dry.Been 10 days

It’s been so humid,83%, and rainy here and I don’t have a dehumidifier. Drying for 10 days. Felt pretty dry but didn’t snap. Decided to jar w/Boveda 62. Tried to grind a few but too moist I guess. Dried a few in the oven 170 for a few mins. It burned well. Got 6, 8 oz.jars(no scale either )from 1 Super Lemon Haze,1 Strawberry Cough. First time indoor grow/harvest. Any suggestions?Too soon for the jars?

Sounds like it might be. You can always take them out of the jars once a day to let the. Air out. Until they become Drier.

I use a dryer so I avoid those issues.

Do you have room in your refrigerator. Take the lids off and put them in there. No clue if it works but I know when my wife puts the cheese away and doesn’t seal it, when I go to cut it it’s a brick.

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