Just wondering what these white hairs are and mean?


Hello! Second time posting, still learning!

I’m wondering what these white hair things are? Are they what the end produce stems from?

I’ve heard of topping before, it encourages growth at the lower part of the plant or something. My goal is to just produce anything, it’s entirely personal use. Not even fussed about yield, so just curious what to do.

I want to ensure this thing is still growing n not flowering early I guess. This is a white widow auto flower, n I’ve seen topping videos on these!

Also, how far in does everyone think these are? I’m kinda unsure. I sowed the seed a good 6 weeks ago, does this seem right?

Thank you :slight_smile:


She’s starting to flower… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Hahahahaha… shes so small though? That isn’t a good thing is it???


It’s okay. You’re fine. Autos don’t have much time to grow before they start to flower, because they have ruderalis genes. That’s the kind of weed that grows in Siberia and it has to be quick before the frost comes. It will probably keep on growing while it is in flower. The Northern Lights I grew slightly more than doubled in height while in flower.


Ahhh awesome man… real good to hear. Just learning about this in the process. It has just felt slow, but probably cause I check it daily. Also an outdoor grow.

Thanks heaps, puts me at ease!


@Tehj and @1BigFella my blueberry autos also continued to grow during flower. Quite a bit actually. I’d guess they doubled in height.


Very excited to see the end result. How long do I have left till it’s completed (outdoor grow)? Roughly from this point?
6 weeks I gather or something like that?


@Tehj I let mine flower for a little over 8 weeks. There are so many factors though. You just have to watch and wait… wait and watch :rofl:


And then harvest I assume? Sorry man my first time so I have no clue what I’m doing. Still don’t know how I’m going to dry these, n cure em haha… so much to do!


Congrats you’re in a new stage. She’s flowering!


You have alot of time left to read about curing and all that. Have fun with it! First timer here too buddy!


Thanks man, here’s a new photo! I’m keen as!!

I should do more reading. I need a good place to try though that’s not particularly visible and I’m not sure where yet!


Did you get a copy of the ILGM grow guide when you joined? It’s a good read. I’m also reading this

It’s very comprehensive and FULL of bud porn. I’m about 3/4 through it. It’s a great supplement for the ILGM guide.


I should read the grow bible I think! I have read bits and have gotten a jist of the process, still need to do more research though.

My dad has Parkinson’s too, I will need to look into the oil as well as an alternative for him afterwards. Lots to be done!


@Tehj check this out


Also this

My wife and I use that and it’s worth every penny


Dude that’s awesome… I need something like this. Doesn’t ship to AU though… I need to find something similar I can get. Sure I can figure it out!! Thanks heaps.


I found one in au. Thanks so much man, I had no idea I could make the process this much easier… fantastic. There’s hope after all!!!