Just wondering if these are good or bad

This is what the rest of it looks like bba

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Male parts. Pluck them off

Thank you dont quite under stand how this happens

Autos and feminized seeds will always have a chance at shooting some balls. Had a blueberry auto do the same. Plucked it off and no others grew

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I’m all new to this it’s my first full indoor grow because my outside went horribly wrong this year

I think you’ll enjoy it. Plants obviously don’t get as large and you have to pay for their light source but you have control of the environment and a much smaller chance for pests and bud rot.


Indoor actually tends to have quicker and larger yields since you can absolutely control everything in it’s growing environment. You can also tinker with low stress training I personally didn’t bother with it since I topped at the 6th node instead of the 4th like most seem to prefer. A 3x3 plant can yield up to 12 ounces if you keep her healthy, pest free which was my massive error, and keep her nutrients at good level most of the time a good soil negates the need for nutrients. I got the nutrient pack from this site going to use it for the seeds I also got from here for my second more experienced grow. My only error was not knowing to be super paranoid about bugs and over watering at first which wasn’t too bad. I learned to use a finger stick it an inch deep or up to the first joint of your finger. If it’s dry all the way down it needs watered if not it needs no water or very little of it was only mostly dry.

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Hermaphrodites happen with fem and autos since they were obtained from a hermie plant in the first place it’s a dormant genetic trait all these types of seeds will have. Also stress can lead to this happening or increase the chances of the plant going hermie for survival purposes.

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Thanks for all the input everyone

Its BBA and I have had the light at 18-6 its hole life should I change it to 12-12 or leave it

You can switch to 12/12. It’ll cut 6hrs of electric cost off your bill.