Just wondering if my outdoor sativa is doing okay

Just want to make sure these gals looks okay.
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  • Blue Dream from seed
  • Method: Organic soil Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil
  • Outdoor
  • No Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night LA this summer
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; No; outdoors

Last year I germinated seeds and tried to start them inside in a window but the seedlings would get leggy and then never survive the transplanting to felt pots outside. I was too neurotic and watched them all the time, overwatered or underwatered them, and none of them ever made it to harvest.

This year I started them outside and the one in the garden is strong and looks great. Please let me know if you have any advice or tips on what to do next. I also started 3 in my patio planter and transplanted 2 to 45 gallon felt pots abour 3.5 weeks ago.

I haven’t used any nutes at all and wondered if anyone has any advice on nutes or pruning or anything else I should be doing now.

I was battling leafhoppers and saw a couple of tiny webs so was worried about spider mites. I didn’t want to use Captain Jacks anymore because I wasn’t sure it worked and didn’t want to hurt bees. So I tried this last night and it seems to have worked well:

Would appreciate any ideas. I do have the Fox farm trio on hand and can use that if needed.


Homie! Those look friggin fantastic!

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They look great, me personally would do a top dressing of Build a Soil craft blend and worm castings every 3 weeks and keep doing what you are already doing. OUTSTANDING bro

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Looking good to me. Keep on keeping on.


They are lovely ladies!

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Neem oil works well for insect issues I’m told but haven’t had to use any personally. Your plants are Looking awesome! Great work!…

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Girls are looking good dude.

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will NEVER use Neem again after my daughter killed the plants last year by accidentally spraying them with neem without diluting.

So you won’t use it again ever because your daughter screwed up and didn’t dilute it?


yup. plus cause i hate the smell