Just wanted to share my first grow.. constructive opinions and questions welcomed

  • white widow ilgm auto and sweet mango auto
  • Method: soil mix fox farms hf, perlite, organic amendments… worm castings, bone and blood meal and a bit of dolomite lime and a bit of coco
  • Vessels: white widow is in a plastic 5 gal, the other four are in 3 gal wide fabric pots
  • as of right now i am only using distilled water for waterings. Havent checked ppm or soil ph yet but i do have the pens to check thise stats
  • Indoor
  • Sf 1000 spyder, 100 watt LED full spectrum
  • Temps; Day- 78, Night - 72
  • Humidity; 60%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, inline exhaust fan, 6inch
  • small space heater with thermostat and a humidifier with a humidistat.
  • Co2; No
    3x4x5 grow tent

Not sure if am i missing anything


Good soil, plants look good. You may need more light to see them through flower but will let those with more knowledge comment. Usually looking for 40+ watts per sq ft

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Thank you for your input… maybe ill grab another sf1000 and hang em both.

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Just wanted to update with pictures…


Hey i wanted update you all and also have a question on my WW

She is in the upper right of the pic, plant labeled. Question, she is 24 days and i have been doing lst, should defoliate a bit to expose that new growth ? Thanks


Did you end up flowering them with the single SF1000?

No i ended up grabbing another sf 1000 and ran em together

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Awesome. I been debating grabbing two 1500s. Looks like they would be plenty for what I’m wanting to do.

@Monster86 just saw your grow. What did you end up yielding?

Havent harvested yet dude

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@Monster86 then I’m not late at all! Lol gonna keep watching.