Just wanted to share a pic

This is of a side shoot cola, and its the only one that has this many orange pistils, but from what i read thats ok in week 4. Anyway, with the blurple light, the crystals, and the orange pistils, i thought it made for a gorgeous pic of miss jane, and i wanted to share it.


Very pretty pic. You should put it here Let’s see your buds right now (Part 1) - #9024 by TheAlchemist


Thanks. Great idea.

Very cool :sunglasses: picture :blush:

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Pretty pretty :heart_eyes:

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Oh my…yummy


This is one of my smaller side shoot buds

I had to get a closer look

Just a sweller

@ExoFly that is a beautiful shot …have any like that in regular light? Just curious


Thanks everyone.

Those are some great pics too . Amazing close ups!

Didnt take one in regular lighting, but ill try to remember to get one tomorrow. They went to bed at 7 lol

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Heres the same bud with regular light & then flash…

These girls are being a pain in my butt today. I cant tie them down without the net cup trying to push through the lid, and im afraid to bend them at this stage, so they are kinda like working with stone snakes at this point. I have them tied together to pull each other inwards, but the net cups are diaganol now and droplets of water are shooting out from them lol. Its a disaster.

The issue being theyve tried erasing the bends ive put in them, so they are all sorts of bent awkwardly.

I ordered the same tent but upgraded from 48x24x60 to 48x48x80 so at least some relief is coming bc they are currently 6" from the light

Heres some pics


Congratulations on the beautiful flowers

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Thank you