Just want some input!

I think you’re placement should be just fine. Only thing I may suggest is if it can go higher then the lights.
They are the biggest source of heat in most grow spaces and since heat rises, I believe it will be more efficient to pull air from above the lights at least, if not the highest point in the space… you could just use another peice of ducting to extend upward if that’s easy then moving the fan higher…

So I don’t know anything about FF nutrients. I use general hydroponics flora series. I think they are about the same as FF trio, but I’m not 100% sure.
But my first feed I will give about 500-700ish PPM, recorded the ppm of my run off determines how much my 2nd feeding is…
But typically for me 30days in ocean forest soil, giving cal-mag every water mixed at 3ml a gallon .
After about 30-40 days I will feed 500-700ppm the first time. Closer to 500ppm if they are still vibrant and growing well, Closer to 700ppm if they have obvious signs of being hungry or deficient at all.
I then go start using the run off PPM numbers as my guide. I try to keep PPM of runoff around 1000ppm it can be a broad range though, ranging from 800ppm up to 1700ppm.
But typically 1000ppm is a good average to shoot for…
Some plants grow huge and can handle the over 1500ppm and some can’t. So many factors involved…
But typically, I feed today, then I water with cal-mag the next time they need it and record run off PPM, if PPM is under 1000 then I will feed them the next time after they have used up the cal-mag water…
After a week or 2 of feeding and recording the PPM in and out, you begin to learn the plants needs by looking at the record of a time period…

Do you know the PPM of what’s going in and what’s coming out aka runoff?
Knowing some numbers could give us a general idea of things though maybe…
It looks very healthy imo.
But here is how I keep my records on one if them giant desk top calendars… they work great fir this…
It’s a mess so over look my hand writing :rofl: no one reads it but me… If you have any questions about it just ask and I’ll try to make sense of it for you…
But there is no way I could grow the killer smoke I do with out this process I don’t think…
In soil that is, with hydroponics the record keeping is easy. All you do is basically charge the water out once a week or so… hydroponic growers got it made :confused:

See how I draw a grid to make it easy, spots for PH and PPM in/out, and I write what I give in the box on the end, “trio” for GH nutrients “CM” for cal-mag and RC fir recharge…
Those are the only things I use and I have some good results.

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That’s a lot more then I’ve ever been explained about nutrients. I guess I’ll have to get a ppm reader and start checking. Something I didn’t think I really needed based on what I’ve been told about FF was basically feed every other watering if to much back off and flush. But I like your method a lot and gunna look into getting the ppm meter so I can do so. Thanks again!

Hey guys it’s update time! I just switched her from a 1 gallon over to the 5 gallon pot. I do have a few questions about transplanting. I’ve started to use my FF bloom nutrients on Saturday. What nutrients would I feed since I just added FF happy frog soil? Would I continue to feed the same even with the added nutrient rich soil? Here’s an updated picture for you guys! @Loudman @MrPeat @VirginiaGrowBoy @SilvaBack203 @Flitme @GulfCoastGurilla


This will get you another 3-4 weeks without feeding.


My first post has the Fox Farm Feeding Chart.

Is the soil you transplanted into is FFHF or did you just top dressed it over the older soil?

I added about 3-4 inches of bottom soil and about 3 inches around. About a total of 18-20 quarts of fresh soil was added.


Agree with @Loudman , you’ll get up to 4 weeks but proportional to the % volume of new soil.

So 4/5ths of that but your plant is also bigger …so my guess is 3 weeks. Just start keeping an eye on it in a couple of weeks.

Very healthy looking plant you’ve got there!

You’ve got this!

The plant tells you when to feed. Learn to read your plants early on. When in doubt use nutes at half strength till your plant says they need more or less.


More leaves are dying! Is this normal? Or am I missing something? Please help! Only thing is I had a issue with soil drying out one time because it drank so much water and the 1 gallon pot didn’t hold quite enough. Came back from dropping in about 40mins after getting water. Could that cause this?

@Loudman @VirginiaGrowBoy


What exactly do you mean by leaves are dying? I don’t really see it in that photo. Drooping does not mean dying.

The ones hidden at the bottom in the extreme shade will yellow and die first.

Point and grunt if you can at the leaves you are worried about.

After watering cannabis when they are dry and in need of water, contrary to human logic, leaves often droop EVEN MORE for a day or so. Go figure. Tricky little buggers

Here’s what I’m seeing. It’s all at the bottom half. I’ve already clipped off 4-5 sets of fan leaves due to this and now it’s moving into the nodes. Is it due to lack of light at the bottom?


Here’s an update guys! Looking good! Still have the lower leafs dying off from lack of light bellow but everything else looks amazing!

Hey guys! @Loudman @1HappyPappy @VirginiaGrowBoy @MrPeat here’s a quick update! She is doing amazing! Buds are starting to show really nice. I had to do a little Lst late on because you guys recommended not to this grow being I’m inexperienced but my plant was becoming over 5ft tall so I had to do something! I put up one of my own make shift nets to kinds bring the bud sites out of shade and allow them to get more light. I think it has honestly boomed over the last couple days since doing so and it looks so good!!!


Looks like that 100% worked.

And I like how you didn’t go too far and overdo it… nothing looks like it snapped. Well done!

If you get some time, maybe put some perpendicular strings on the right in particular to give something the limb to rest on.

Thanks! And yeah I’ve been really slowly bringing it down day by day. Once it gets a little tight I stop and tie it up come back the next morning and bring it down a little more and etc. as for support I was waiting for it to get to a nice level spread before supporting it this way I don’t have as much to mess with when adjusting. But I can definitely give it something to rest on. I’ve actually brought it down more then that since yesterday I just didn’t have time this morning between water and adjusting to take pictures before work this morning. Hopefully I’ll be home before lights out to get a good picture for you guys! Everyone’s been so much help!

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@Martin32122 I had to learn how to grow horizontal as my Sativas loves to push well past 7’6” tall.

Looks like its going to work out in your favor. My only recommendation is to make sure the main Cola gets more of the light than the bottom. I use the little popcorn size nugs for testing to see how the high is. :+1:

Definitely make sure the main Cola is also supported. Because I have had Colas snap in half due to the extreme weight.

So I noticed this today……is it worth keeping? What should I do? @MrPeat @VirginiaGrowBoy

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ouch, that blows

@MrPeat its only on a few bud sites and I was looking into the strain and I’ve seen some people saying it’s inevitable with the wedding cake strains. Still smokeable?