Just want some input!

Welcome Martin. You are in good hands with everyone that has provided suggestions.

Looks great. Welcome to the community. I agree on raising ph but as a new grower i would wait on lst or any more advanced training till get a couple under your belt. Grow her straight and true. After you have keeping them alive to harvest down experiment away. Just my 2 cents.


They look great to me!

Just keep a steady eye on them and listen to the advice and grow stories from members here, then you’ll have the best chance to be successful.

A lot has happened in 7 days. The growth rate is crazy! Need some help deciding when to turn my lights into veg/bloom mode and when to upsize my pot. Currently at a 1 gallon pot. It’s currently in veg mode and it’s day 29 since it was dropped into water for germination. I’m starting to bring the lower nodes out slowly just to give them more light. I will start actual lst on my next grow. For now I’m just gunna do basic things to help it out a little. I have a 4x2ft grow area so I’m not to worried about growing to big before switching to flowering I just want a good potent yield. Any advice is taken to consideration always as I’m a new grower! Thanks again guys for all the help!


Your pulling the wrong branches down. The idea of pulling branches is to pull the top branches down to the lower branches so the lower branches are getting the same amount of light. And I would keep it in the 1 gal another week or two.


Sounds like your on the right track :+1:t5:

Welcome freind :grin:
Looking good to me :+1:
As far as it being what we would call “bag seed”, you should know really soon if it’s 20 something days old if it is an auto flower. At its size (which looks good fir it’s age) I would almost bet if it isn’t showing sex all ready then it is probably a photo period and not an auto flower.
But give it a couple weeks and if it isn’t showing pre-flowers, it’s for sure probably a photo.

Depending on if it’s a auto or photo would determine any “tips or tricks” I would offer…

Things like topping and low stress training (LST).
But no matter which one it is, it can only help to lean or bend it over gently as to expose the lower branches so they get more light, they will shoot up and you will have a bush instead of a Xmas tree…

More nugs on a bush then a Xmas tree :grin:.

But keep up the good work and keep us posted along the way…

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Help! My new set of leaves just came in with brown tips??? What could be the issue?


From the photos I see there, brown tips look minor to me. Plant looks extremely healthy!

Mine have had these all the way thru to harvest. Just keep an eye on them to make sure it stays just the tips.

Looks good. Keep an eye on it. If it progresses then back off the feeding a little bit.:+1::v:

Is this normal? My leaves are canoeing. I had an issue with my exhaust fan so ive had it open so it’s been a little colder then normal is that the cause? Or something else?



How cold? And how low has humidity been?

Not to cold around 70 but I normally keep it around 78-80 durning the day and drop around that temp at night. And as for humidity I’m not to sure. It was ok about an hour before sunset then once it started to cool off more in the room I noticed it.

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Update! Checked in this morning and all the leaves look great! I’m thinking it got a little to cold.

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So guys I just had a quick question I needed some input on. Where should I place my exhaust fan? Before I had it on the ground plowing out under the house. Gunna be using the same outlet just added a vent and now I have 8.8ft of duct to actually put the fan in a correct spot. Where should I put it? Here’s a picture of the grow for a better idea of what I’m working with.


@Loudman @1HappyPappy help! Big problem!
I want to think it’s because I just started using the fox farm grow big full strength first dose. But I’m not 100% sure because I see these slits in some of the leaves which someone suggested possibly humidity issue. Please help asap! Thanks!

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I literally lay my fans on top of my tent with only a short peice of ducting.
I don’t run a filter as smell is not really a concern fir me most of the time. If I did run a filter (and I have several incase I need them) but I would simply put it on the inside of the tent on the end of the short ducting…

I have no clue about the little slit :man_shrugging:. I guess it is possible for humidity to be really low and it dry out and crack but I believe you would see more signs and be aware of it being that low…
But I could be wrong, if it’s on more then one spot then it is very odd… if it was just one slit then I would say it just happened from outside physical forces of some sort and no big deal…

The bottom leafs turning yellow is most often mobile nutrients being pulled, if you gave a good feeding just now then it should gain color back or possibly fall off if she decides she does want them anymore… but as long as mo other issues with lock out, the yellowing should not move up the plant…

If it does start yellowing higher up then could be some luck out going on for whatever reason…
Just watch for other yellowing and hopefully there want be any more …

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The set of fan leaves closest to the bottom basically curled and died. It hasn’t moved up any further. Any advice on the nutrients? I started off with half of the amount for the FF big bloom (3 tbs) for my first batch of nutrient water. The second batch got the whole 6 tbs and 3 tbs of FF grow big.

Here’s what I did with my fan as I don’t have a way to put it outside lol