Just want some feedback

I have two plants one is TrainWreck and the other is and exclusive i Named it Nipsey OG.
They barely turned a month old. I started germiciding on 3/22/19 and planted in soil the next day. Im using fox farm nutes(trio) and i just wanted some feedback. This is my second grow but my first time doing it the right way so hope you like! Sorry about the pics quality.


Looking good to me so far. Love the name Nipsey OG too :wink::v::bear:

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Thanks i had it at 24 and just switched to 18-6
Yeah thanks
a.k.a 60’s OG

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I have a question do you think they are Indicas or hybrids but Indica Dominant ???

Lookn good!! Welcome to the forum!!

Thank you @PigmanBBQ

Tough to really tell this early. With a lot of the new hybrids out there, a lot of plants will display one type of leaf during veg and another during flower. They look broad like you would see from and Indica dominant strain so far IMO :v::bear:

I thought so because i grew a closet plant and it turned out to be a very potent instant high but it was a straight Sativa it smoked great too but was grown all the wrong ways and soils lol but it came out really beautiful and only Harvested about half an Oz