Just wanna know how doing first grow WW and Gold leaf


Looks great to me soil looks a little bit dry what nutrients are you goin with

I haven’t really started any nutes just some cal mag

Looking good so far what soil are you using and what size tent

I’m using a living soil and not sure on the size tent :joy::joy::joy:

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Looking good and welcome to the community.

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Thanks hopefully big rewards

Sense your in a living soil do you plan on going the organic route also do you plan on getting a bigger tent cause it looks like you are in a 4x2 tent you can definitely make it work but it will be extremely crowded also what type of light are you running you can also reply directly to my comment by hitting the arrow icon to the right of my comments

I believe my light is a t5 1800 watt fluorescent light and what would be the organic route