Just transplanted when to nut?


Today was the big day…solo red to #1 fabric pots, will end in #5 pots. So when should I start thinking about giving them food? Lots of folks say FoxFarm is so good that girls don’t get fed for weeks. I ordered my PPM solution to calibrate my meter but just for shits & giggles I tested the first transplant run off and it read 863.


I will give them nutes after she have at least 5 sets of true leaves…


Yeah they should be good on plain ph water for up to 4 weeks or more. Ppm reading is in the right range for plants in that size range so she shouldnt need extra till the ones in soil are used up.


Lookin good @Whitepot
Just noticed the water dropplets on your foliage.
Can cause burn when lights on
Pat dry or let dry before crankin the lights on
Happy growing!!


Had no idea, thanks!!!


Okay, so they will be 3wks old tomorrow how do you feel about topping?


Ok, I’ll double check when I have my meter calibrated to make sure the numbers are right. Do you have a chart for what’s low in nutrients for what age plant?


Uuuuu now we talking! I love to fimm/top :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
But you don’t say what strain it’s, photo period strain or autoflowering strain?


From the looks of your second picture, the one on the left looks to have 5 nodes now, and the one on the right looks to have 4, I would experiment and try topping both now, or FIM which stands for F*** I Missed. I believe @bob has great pictures explaining both of these techniques :+1::wink:hope this helps

@M4ur is right which is it a photo plant or auto? If it is an auto you can too but at your own risk. If you top/fim early enough it will pay off for you :+1:


Sorry…fem Strawberry kush and Bubble gum. Top pic BG and bottom SK


fem seeds fr. ILGM


I’ve been watching a lot of topping youtube video to make sure I don’t FIM, but I’ll check out @bob


Ok… Let’s go!
When you top a plant, you will get 2 new tops, that 2 new top can also produce 4 new ones… Etc
When you fimm your plant that can end well for you because you can end(i was) whit 2-4 new tops :wink: and that 4 tops (let’s say you get 4) will also provide more new tops (a lot​:heart_eyes:).
In the conclusion this is about top/fimm, but only the technique involved!
New let’s see what you prefer. Mine is fimming :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you are talking about a wrong Bob, maybe bob31 is that you mean :+1:


When I fimm my plants I use my fingers and pinch the top of the plant and end whit this. In the final (this was autoflowering strain :joy::joy::joy::joy:[NOT RECOMMENDED FOR AUTO]) 778ab2f03282662ecfab1d06e6342fa125f488fb5696dea50ef3078d33a756c5682dd5b8_1_281x500|281x5002e2b97b48adaacc449d1e0c1708912bca6859996_1_690x388|690x388f570330970b119df514de144cb0167c06312220b_1_690x388|690x38871dac910_1_281x500594eded984a7d71bf6887474df0fd9cd47561337_1_281x500


In the right corner is a clone but is taller!
More the 20 tops but the veg stage is short for auto strains :sleepy:


Sorry dont have any charts, but generally 500 ppm too 800 is good for plants that size. I think fox farms trio on full strength puts the ppms at 1400+, but isnt really a must unless the plant is giant and hungry… If you need any more advice just put @Dr.DankThumb420 dankthumb420 and ill be notified


This is an awesome lesson on Top/Fim, thanks a bunch!


Cool, this information is a great start, thanks!


So this morning was the day

Hopefully topping can be seen.


Nice job… In 1-2 days should see the new growth :+1: