Just thought I'd say hi

Welcome to ILGM @Slim420. They’ll have you growing skunk before you know it.


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Welcome aboard mate. New grower myself but you’ve come to the best place for starting out. EVERYONE is so helpful and their pretty darn funny too. Enjoy your grow!



Here is my equipment list

Matrix 24x48x60

Phlizon 600w Led light

Melon farm 5 gallon fabric pots

Ilgm beginners seed & grow pack. White Widow seeds

HTC-1 temperature and humidity meter

Apera instruments AL ph 20 , waterproof pH pocket tester

I think that’s all the equipment I have bought so far, but it is subject to change. I know there’s a few things I still need to get but hopefully I can put it off for a little while. I plan on only growing 3 or 4 plants at a time. I think 3 will be perfect for the tent I have, 4 might be pushing a little bit.












very nice. will this be your entry to the grow off?

I think 3 will be pushing it. :grinning: 2 full grown plants will fit snugly in a 2x4.

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Lol he’s just getting started.

@Slim420 I agree two will fit better than three. And your list of stuff there looks pretty solid. I’d say a cheap PPM meter. And I’m assuming you’re using the nutes in the starter pack. But you might want to plan ahead and be making a decision on what you will use after so you can buy them before you run out.

Just adding my 2 cents. I have a 2x4x8 and when I first started I had plans to grow 4 plants. As I started setting up my system, 3 was a squeeze… As they grew, one got bullied out of the tent. IMO, if you’re growing in 5 gal pots, 2 plants will grow beautifully in there. If you try to squeeze in 3, you’ll notice there’s just not enough room.
Just trying to save you the headache I went through myself!

I have seen people grow 3 plants when growing in 3 gal pots to fill the canopy space. Two five gallon pots will easily fill the canopy available in a 2x4 tent and I think you’ll be very happy with what you can do with that space. :v:


Welcome to the forum. This place is like stoner college. I’m a new grower also and on my second grow now.


It’s my first grow so I don’t think I’ll be entering anything for a while

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Okay, hey I had to think about it oh, LOL.

I will be growing in 5-gallon pots so I guess I’ll just go down to two. Thanks for the info


Welcome aboard …my best tip to you is to read and have fun reading the GUIDES, (top right)

Go for it !..or should I say Grow for it ! :man_farmer::seedling::rainbow:


Trust me, you will get more from 2 happy plants that have space to grow well than 3 ladies who are pushing and fighting for their space, throwing shade on each other. I grow in 2 8-gallon hydro buckets in my tent and even then I still have a little trouble with space towards the end. I’m excited to watch your grow! :v:

Welcome and for that size tent either 2 fem plants in five gallon pots or 3 autos in 3 gallon pots and looks like you are off to a good start I would think about ph up n down before u need it and air movement ie fans,and read a lot about soil before you buy good luck and happy growing :+1:

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its up to you :slight_smile: do plan to follow along its basically going to be a massive grow journal. lots to see and learn.

Welcome @Slim420 It’s a gem of a place, for sure. and thats coming from a Bud of the Month winner . Nice job @Blazin_Skywalker


I plan on growing 2 White Widow autos in 5 gallon pots. I’m going to be using fox farm products. I’ll start with the Happy Frog and then when I transplant I’ll go to the ocean Forest. Does anybody see anything wrong with that?


Nothing wrong but you have to be careful when transplanting autos . I made that mistake once and almost lost a plant . They can be sensitive to stress .