Just the tip of the little laddie!

Hello all my fellow growers. I have a quick questions to run by you all. I passed on one of our Purple Dream babys to a good friend of mine. This is his first time growing and he is doing great.
The tips of the plant is turning a reddish/brown color. He has followed the same style of growing and feeding as myself.

The only new thing he has done is he gave her the first dose of tea on Sunday. A gallon of tea from my brew. Stored in the fridge tell ready to use.

Im thinking this was a shock to the plant and was not quite use to the brew. May of been a little strong for her.

I know the plant will be fine I would just like to make sure Im giving him correct information.

Is this whats going on?
Happy growing…

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A lil bit of nute burn just skip the next feeding and she’ll be fine

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:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: they are beautiful