Just switched these babies to 12/12

Finally switched these babies over to bloom. Week 1 flower. Week 4 in total. What’s people’s thoughts on these

Looking pretty good. However; Something is off. Perhaps the PH… All those twisted leaves are either part of a inor PH imbalance or nutrient issue. Overall looks good mate! :slight_smile:

Yeah I can’t find the problem. The PH is sitting at around 6.3 and my EC is at around 210. My ppm is a little high but not sure how the correct that. Maybe it’s because I have two different lights in there. I have a 400w HPS and a 130w CFL lamp. My temperature during the day is hovering between 24 and 28 degrees max. And the humidity is around 62%. Everything is pretty good. So in not quite sure. Those twisted leaves are mainly just on the indica strain Caramelicious and the other ones are bianca and WQ. I’ll keep trying to change things.

Chappy13, how can the EC be ok but the PPM be high? Are you talking about CO2 PPM in the air? Otherwise EC and PPM are just different ways of saying the same thing. Are you talking about the EC of the nutrients? PPM of the nutrients? EC/PPM of the water? And are you measuring the EC/PPM in the soil as well?

Also the pH of what? The pH is 6.3 in the nutrient mix you are feeding them or just the water or is that the pH actually in the soil at the roots?

Mac, getting to your comment… I have actually been a little confused. Cos the values I have been referring to I have been trying to match them off my VAN DE ZWAAN cocos/hydro nutrients chart. And my EC meter also measures the ppm. And I thought they were they same thing but when I measure my EC of my water my measurement is pretty good but then my PPM is higher than what it should be with that EC value. I have calibrated my meter but like is said. Values don’t correspond. So to answer your question YES I was talking about my water EC. Anyhow I have now dropped my PH from 6.4 down to 5.9. I do use Rockpool so PH should be a little lower I have read.

PH of the water in my resovoir. My nutrients I use are coco A+B, super thrive and bud candy to draw out the sugars into the buds. And next week I will add BIG bud XL.

Mac I also just use either Rockwool or Peat pellets. I am mainly going to stick with Rockwool now but I was using peat pallets originally when I was germinating my seeds for outdoor. Now I’m doing indoor as its to hot now I moved north and humid. I use expandable clay balls.

Clay pellets will be the most stable and least likely to change the pH.

In soil the recommended pH is about 6.5pH. 6.4pH would also be fine and some expert growers are saying cannabis needs to be a little lower than 6.5pH in soil.

However, in general, regardless of being in rockwool or not, the recommended pH in hydro is 5.8pH. It is true rock-wool can be a little alkali and you might need to compensate for that a bit. But 5.8 should be fine if you have DWC or a very good flood and drain system and periodically flush in a flood and drain system to keep salts from building up in the grow medium.

Peat and Coco can both slowly turn acidic, as with any decomposing organic material. However peat does so more quickly because it decomposes easier and more quickly. I do germinate in the tiny “jiffy” peat plugs and then veg for a period of time in a soil or coco mix, and then carefully and gently wash the roots off and remove all dirt before transplanting into a hydroton clay pebble filled basket that goes above a DWC reservoir. That is just part of the style or system that has worked best for me over the years. I sometimes mix things up as I mostly grow in hydro, but for maintaining your genetics, there is nothing as reliable and safe as a good old fashioned soil, no reservoirs or pumps to break and end up with dry roots at the drop of a hat.

I also had tried to explain to you before that EC will always be the same, no matter what part of the world. However the conversion number to PPMs is different depending on what part of the world the PPM system is from.

The USA is a 0.5 conversion or something like that, so a EC of 1.0 is something like 500 PPMs and a EC of 2.0 is 1000 PPM.

Australia and Europe use a different conversion calculation, I think one is a 0.7 or something like that and you end up with an EC of 1.0 being 700PPM and then in the other one the EC of 1.0 is equal to 640PPM. So depending on who made your chart, the PPM numbers won’t necessarily be the same as the recommended PPM from someone talking about one of the other areas of the world’s system. So ignore the PPM on your chart, since it also has EC, and only use the EC readings when you can as they are the same everywhere.

Yeah cheers. My chart is the house & garden. I’m pretty sure it’s a Dutch company. But the EC/PPM on this on 1.2 ec is = 840PPM. I think maybe cos I bought my meter from China it may have different settings or something like your saying. But yes I usually concentrate on the EC and my PH. I have adjusted my PH lower as I said but I think I may have a ZINC Or MANGANESE deficiency. Going by that standard steps of diagnosing your sick plant. I think it’s worth a shot anyway.
I do flush my complete system every couple of weeks because of the setup I have. It’s a grow lush system. Have a look on eBay if ya wanna see what they look like. But I thinking they are what “they” call smart bags. But they sit on top of my resovoir. I do often see a salt build up on my trays.
One thing I noticed this morning was wet spots on my leaves. I tasted it with my finger to see what it was and it was a terrible salty tasting sort of thing. Do you have any ideas what that would be??? I haven’t grown hydro in over 15 years. And I can’t say I ever noticed it on my gorilla grows. :wink:

If the leaves are touching each other and it is a bit humid, their transpiration will leave water on each other where their pores are letting out the mosture but it can’t easily evaporate trapped between numerous leaves. This might be where it is coming from and might explain the salty taste as it is coming up from the reservoir through the plant’s tissues, maybe. It is the only thing I can think of, unless a weed fairy is sneaking in and foliar spraying your leaves when you aren’t looking. And assuming there isn’t any other way a mist of your nutrients is ending up on the leaves.

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