Just starting out


G’day fellow growers,
I’m just starting out, wont be able to start for a while yet (aussie winter) atm. Quick question do i need to start seedling under lights, gunna b an outdoor grow & dont have any indoor gear.



Welcome to are forum @Budslayer we have some great members this is a place where we all help each other and get along welcome! As for your question we have a lot of Outdoor growers on here some of them do starred in door with the CFL’s spiral lightbulbs and then transplant them outdoors or you can put them And solo cups and put them in your window seal I recommend soaking them for 24 hours they usually crack by then if not I put them in a wet paper towel after words in a baggy for another 24 hours and there usually ready please feel free to ask as many questions as you want and you can do it right here if you want to tag someone use the @ intfront of name no space. :wink:


Great to see more Aussies popping their heads up on the forum @Budslayer. East or West matey ? Getting a bit wet, cold and windy in the Southern Hemisphere, my girls love their tent :wink:

Get amongst the info here on the forum. Some invaluable intel within these pages.

Live long and Propagate friend.


Cheers mate from the east. Yeah just getting prepared, through a late crop in end of jan and took off did ok got the bug & come accross ILGM & here i am. Just harvasted 2 days ago, gunna step it up a notch & plan n doit properly… hahaha


Sweet mate i have had a float around n that seems the comon theme glass water, paper towel etc but notice some then put them under lights than put them outside. Cheers seen ur name pop ip a bit love ya work…:+1:


Hi @Budslayer, By all means start them indoors early. Just be aware that eastern aus is only just getting over 12 hrs of sunlight in early october so dont transition them outside to early or they will immediately go to flower. If you have the means to extend the photoperiod with lights you can get them out much earlier. Its nice to get an extra month or two out of the season.


Ok true didn’t think of that cheers :+1: