Just starting out need help and suggestion

far out ! :seedling:

my baby in her new home for a while

these planters are the way forward…I use the 7 gallon one. :man_farmer::seedling::rainbow:


Now as a new grower I am confused to the process of flower and harvest now I see some people say weeks to flower so what is it ? Is that the process from start to finish or from start to flower and if so how long is the flowering time as my first plant is 4 weeks as of Sunday and yes if you have or are reading this thread the other pant in all pic is the one and only I have so I’m proud of my progress so far

get it in a bigger pot pronto

4 gal of a 5 gal bucket with 13 holes in bottom for drainage this is my first grow so this will be the only bucket grow next I’ll be trying fabric bags and coco substrate

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go the fabric bags

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I use the 7 gallon fabrics… Perlite is your friend.

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Anyone can answer the question i am still wondering

I am investing in 5 gal fabrics next grow right now I just want to make sure this one goes well

This confused me when I got started also. The flowering period published by the breader is a good guide. Why a guide because every grow will be different. With a photo period plant the grower sets the veg period. The longer in veg the bigger the plant, the bigger the plant the larger the harvest. Your plants are 4-weeks old, assuming they are photo period and they are under 18/6 you are still in veg. Let’s say a breader publishes a 70-day (10-weeks) flowering period. That time starts when the light cycle changes to 12/12. Now, there are a couple different schools of thought here. Some will start counting the flowering period the day they flip to 12/12. Others consider the first two weeks a transition to flowering. During this transition the plant will stretch some times doubling or tripling in size. At the end of the two weeks they will start counting the time in flower. In this example the breader published a 70-day flowering cycle. It could be over in 60 or 90 days. The plants should not be harvested until the the trichomes have cloudied this will maximize the the content.

Hope this helps.

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Great picture !..thanks for my new desktop image…my Afghani seeds just popped up and your picture is my mandala. :rainbow:

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Most def I appreciate this info and will post more pics as she gets older

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What is a scrog and how does it help with temp and humidity?

If you Roberts grow bible there is a good description in it about scrog. Also, growweedeasy dot com has a good article. Basically, you install a net above your plant that has square holes. I have seen holes that are 2x2 or 3x3, I’m sure there are other configurations. As the plant grows through the screen you either tie down or weave it through. This allows the canopy to be all one level. With the canopy all one level all the bud sites get the same amount of light. Plus laying the shoots down opens up the lower bud sites to allowing them to mature and gain size.

Oh ok so when should that start as of now she 5 weeks from seed

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Did you get a chance to read the articles? I did my scog at 7 weeks when I flipped to 12/12. When you flip to 12/12 you will get a stretch and you can use that growth to your advantage. Either that or let it veg longer and scog during that time.

So now my baby is 5 weeks almost 6 from seed I happen to notice that her roots are coming out out the bottom of the bucket now I know a lot of people have been suggesting the fabric bag my question is am I to late to move from 5 gal bucket to a 7 gal fabric bag ?

! this is what it look like

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Here’s a updated pic