Just starting out need help and suggestion

Just was wondering what are the white tips on my baby and how do I fix it and when is it safe to add nutrients my baby is 2 1/2 weeks

What soil is it in? May be slight nute burn if you’re in hot soil. No need to add nutes now as you still have your cotyledons (the round leaves on the bottom). Those are the food for the early stages of you plant.

It is pretty leggy so you may consider lowering your light slightly to stop her vertical growth


Thanks as I was saying I’m new and I started with a Lowe’s plant light until I found this one online it’s a 100 watt led have tent on order will be here soon so as of now just keep watering and lower light

As well as just bought some happy frog grow soil

should this work the other is just some dollar store soil

She definitely doesn’t need water. Let her dry out before giving her any water. You want to be real easy with water at this stage of her life

Water every 2 days

Should only need water once a week at that stage. And happy frog is great soil.

Thanks again I’ll be posting more as my setup and baby grows now is this a difficult strain to grow and this’ll be the last question

No need to stop with the questions, that’s what this forum is for. Everyone is here to ask questions they don’t know and answer the ones they do know.

Well this seed came out of a bag me and the misses smoke and I held on to so I’m sorry for being a pest as this is my official first start to the grow so any suggestion I’m willing to listen to and take in stride

Not a pest mate, if you think you need to ask a question, ask away thats what we are here for :+1:

You’re not being a pest at all. Ask away and we’re looking forward to watching her grow.

I am guessing that you will be in the market for another light for the veg and bloom part of your grow?


I might consider backing your lights off, a seedling just needs a small amount of light and they definitely don’t need the extra heat created

Run more of a blue spectrum light, support it with a chopstick or something and let a fan gently blow on her so she will begin to build a strong trunk.

If she’s still “leggy” at transplant then pack a little dirt higher up the stem :wink:

Hey man, welcome to the forum and to growing. Don’t fret the questions; without them the main purpose of this forum wouldn’t exist. I admire your spirit of adventure by sprouting bag seed. Just know that there may be certain things beyond your control, such as sex of plant, photoperiod or autoflower, etc. But as you grow, those things will be answered in time.

What strain is your new baby?

Hi - like others have said, not over-watering is key. When you do water, you want to ensure the pH of that water is 6.5pH. If you haven’t already, pick up a pH and ppm meter, and some pH up and down solution. Here is my list of stuff I use. I use the cheap pH meter that needs constant calibration. Higher quality ones are available.

If you properly manage pH and ppms with that happy frog soil, your plant will thrive. You probably won’t need to add any nutrients/ferts for the next few weeks, either.


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My baby is blue Hawaiian sorry for late reply I’m new and as you know replies are limited

It needs to be in a bigger pot for healthy root growth…I use 7 gallon fabric pots and constant love…:man_farmer:

Just put her in her new home today just waiting on tent