Just starting out help me

I am an out door grower for years , But I’m going to try indoors this winter. My question is -is
2 parts potting soil 1 part cow manuer or mushroom compost and1 part perlite a good base for my plants ? My area is small so i’m useing 3 gallon pots

I’m no soil expert, but I’m thinking that 25% manure/compost might be a bit much and lead to plant burn. Most potting soils already have the nutes needed for the first month of the plant’s life. Be careful, my friend.

I’ll let others correct me if necessary.

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@merlin44 is a natural soil guy.

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I am a soil grower but just use Fox Farm Ocean Forest with 20% each of worm castings and perlite added.

I don’t have any experience building my own soil.


I would have to agree with @FlxerPower, cow manure can be a tricky thing, based on length of composition, type of feed and many other factors. I like you was an outdoor grower but, I was a guerilla grower. I won’t even use cow or horse manure in my vegetable garden unless it has set for at least 2 years or longer, just my standard, from experience, nothing scientific. Like I said, just my opinion. I have had some sh** that sat for a little over a year, destroy my plants. Won’t happen again. I learned real quick how not to do that again. Again, just my thoughts :ok_hand:


Cow manure is really hot, but rabbit manure is a cold alternative if you can acquire some from a pet owner. I (as a non-expert) wouldn’t worry about applying too much compost, but you can always go lighter with the mix and then top dress if you’re vegging the plant for months. Point is, I’d avoid mixing in any amount of cow manure unless you’re going to let the mix cook for months before using it.

SubCool talked about layering his super soil with the hottest layers on the outside. It’s worth reading hit recipes and listening to his segments on the Free Weed podcast.

Hello There

Cow crap fresh out of my pasture ,Composted chicken crap and Fresh Rabbit poops is 80%of my soil. It gives good results . Straight rabbit manure worked wonders

this plant gave us the most out of a 30 gallon pot we ever had 29 ounces


Do you use FFOF from start to finish? So it’s 20%/20%/60% mixture? I was looking at FF Happy Frog to start seedlings, but not sure. I’m just getting ready to order everything. Little nervous as I’ve never grown, indoor or out!

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That is correct.