Just starting my grow closet

I have a 3 x 5 closet that I want to use, I will also be using food grade 5 gallon buckets. My goal is to put a submersible pump in a 25 gallon tub and pump (drip) water every 3 hours. I guess you can say i want to do the dutch bucket method. The buckets will hold a 5 inch net pots. I have a picture and it looks like I will be able to get 11 to 12 buckets in the room.

This room will be for the flower thru harvest stage as I hope to create a grow and clone cabinet using a gutted refrigerator. I would like to use LED grow bulbs that are designed for flower. The lighting will be attached to a corded pully system that will allow to adjust the light height.

I would like any thoughts and ideas on this.


Sounds like a fine plan! Good luck!

…one thing I’ve heard is that people seem to have heat issues with refrigerators ?

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Yes they hold heat very well but if you run fans to move the air they work well.
I have 4 80mm high speed pc fans 2 in 2 out and it holds the heat well.
I run mine on a battery because as some have found if the fans stop the plant over heat very fast.
It cold here atm so I run the air from the top seed and clone area into the main grow area to keep it warmer when the lights are off.
I have a small 12v inline fan in where the fridge compressor was and a carbon filter but it rarely tuns on atm too cold to flick the thermostat. All the 12v power comes from a 200ah deep cycle battery charged by a 180w solar panel on the roof running a 150w inverter for 240v for the lights powered lights. If its cloudy for a few days I need to charge it some times so its not perfect but almost free to run and I need to setup a relay to switch the charger on when its needed but I havnt had time.

here is a pic of my setup I need to remember to take a pic of the back its kinda space age with all the pipes and ducts.