Just started with HPS AND 12 on 12 off- Beginner

Just started the SCROG today and switched to the HPS BULB…… plants are very healthy and I e been using my nurtrients faithfully in my 4’x2’ grow tent…. In Virginia we’re only supposed to have 4 plants so to increase my yield I’m gonna try to SCROG…. Is my net too far away or too close for you experienced growers?? It’s ez to move up or down but I just don’t know??? I’m a first time grower so I’m second guessing myself… I just don’t want to screw up!! Any help or comments are appreciated!! Thanks!!...Billy

Sorry but have not tried that approach yet. I wish you a successful grow and harvest!

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Depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Most of the time a plant is trained to screen and then flipped to flower. Idea is for each plant to have a much wider canopy that it would grown naturally. Your space is already about full though, so a screen in this situation would typically be used to separate and support colas.