Just started to flower


My plants are just starting to go into flower when do i start to feed them flower food lol???


i guess now is a great time to start your flower food @Caosred happy growing!


hey mate what you growing?


Weed lol don’t know random seeds


lol all good man. good to see aussies on here! :smiley:


First signs of flowering you shoukd start to feed flower nutes and reduce or eliminate veg nutes


Has Anyone else had the South Aussie Weather Messing with their plants eagerness to show their sex?


I’m nsw and its all going well here what seems to be the problem?


Hi caosred. I’m in S.A. luckily it’s getting hot here again last week we had 4 days of 19° high 12° lows 20+k winds so that prob hasn’t helped. Ive had 2 girls showing for a few weeks, have had to pull 2 males. Another 2 females have just started showing in last day or 2 but the last 2 just arnt showing yet. Praying theyre just taking more time. In sa temps are back upto 40° the last few days. I don’t have any history of the seeds. Growing outdoors just soil & perlite in pots with thrive & seaweed extract. other than there not all showing sex at same time their doing great really. Unfortunately I wasn’t ready to put them in at start of season so admittedly they could be doing better. Glad all going good over in NSW.



Not great pics I’m a newbie to the forum trying to post abit to get my newbie access up abit :sunglasses:


@Privateaussie hey man im in s.a. also and yeah all mine have shown their vaginas lol.
the weather is so hot atm hope you feed loads of water! btw what are you growing there?


Hi @Mickanooch. Unfortunately I missed the start of the grow season. My Girls Have had a Hard beginning they stayed inside on windows sill for way too long. They all started in 1 pot lol. Not good but… Eventually Put Them In Own Single (Still Small Pot) just Rocks & potting mix. Did last Transplant into Perlite & Potting mix. Have only given them Thrive & Seaweed extract so far. Sprayed with cheap bug spray only so far they are doing good asfar as bugs. Just had to Pull 2 males & have 4 females with other 2 not ready to show themselves yet tho pretty sure :innocent::hugs: theyre female. There’s No Sign Of Balls I’m Praying theyre would be some sign by now…? Lost 1male Just Shrivelled up & Died. 1 I revived 1 by pruning all Shrivelled bits & put the tops in the same Pot haha theyre still alive the tops so you could say I’ve tried cloning lol. This is My first Do It All Yourself Outdoor Grow. Will Definitely Be Ready For Next Year & Have To Get A Couple Auto Flowering Seeds & Feminized seems like a good idea Atleast you don’t have to play the are they arnt they m/f… Anyway that’s More Or Less My Story Of My 1st Outdoor Grow. Wow Sorry Such Long Reply. These Are Random Seeds From
A Plant I Saved Fr A Friend Very Very Miniature Stunted Plant Was Good Weed Smoke But By End It Was All Full of Seeds :disappointed_relieved:. I’m Going To Give My Girls P & K in Next Week. Im Getting Impatient Of Course time seems to be going slow (seeing them everyday definitely makes it seem like takes Forever.


Mate it goes on strains ok the more indica strains will show 1st and finish before the sativa strains that take alot longer mine are all over the shop to and like yous one hasn’t even shon yet ether so don’t stress yet


yeah lol good story. one of mine which is the most sativa of them all is definitely later then the rest to show but thats ok. just keep an eye on it :grin:. and maybe just use feminised seeds mate save some abortions lol. ilgm have seeds or herbiesheadshop have huge variety and delivery in 2 weeks. im popping a couple of auto seeds now cuz my mate mum wants to put 1 next to her lavender lol. one gorilla glue and one da shiznit auto! should be interesting planting auto outside. ill post pics when they up n running.


I’ll keep it brief this time. :slight_smile: Ive no idea if sativas or indicas & Yep definitely going to order some fem Seeds I’m too Impatient & Alot of work it seems just to abort here & there lol. I’ll keep an eye out for pics if you put up. :sunglasses:


yeah they definatly look on the sativa side side of the fence! yeah get some cool strains and maybe we can strain swap man! :grin:


@Mickanooch Ive been sussing different strains will definitely keep you posted as to what I choose. Any suggestions? I’m open to swapping idea. What have you got growing? Look forward
to some pics? :four_leaf_clover::slight_smile:


mayb something awesome like grand daddy purple or durban poison or exodus cheese! lol google those. ive got humboldt blue dream, god bud, barneys lsd, borderliner extreme(google that bad boy), moneybush, budzilla, ak 47 and cookies kush! there actually all awsome man!