Just started my second week of flower

There is an desire with new growers to add ‘stuff’ to their media. What you should do is look to the plant to tell you if it needs anything. If the plant is happy and healthy don’t change anything. This is a hard lesson for a new grower to Grok. I say all that but some growing styles require frequent amendments; you get pretty adept at figuring it out then.

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Most forums I have been on in the past, only gave me negative advise. This forum gives me positive advise. Loving it, never been able to discuss this openly before. Kinda like our other southern tradition that used to piss off the revenue man.


I have the tendency to under do everything, rather to overdue. I am an old school stoner :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :v:


Yeah hopefully this becomes like that. Legal and openly accepted every where. But it will always get stolen so I think the move indoors was a solid decision for me and you because this is the future of pot here. I’m using led and my bill hardly flinched. And this thing will blind you like really blind you it’s that bright I have it turned down lol. Or else it gets my tent too hot o think I probably
Need a stronger exhaust fan but if that’sindeed the case I’m not gonna do it u till this grow is finished or I have to put the roof extension o. Which I really hope I never have to do but these 2 girls got away from
Me for a week I was working a lot of OT like 2 weeks ago and wasn’t paying attention to their size lol. But live and learn.

Thanks. I don’t add much to be honest. I’ve really thought about it tho but all I add is my nutrients which o recently switched and I add real growers recharge and mammoth P and I also use slf 100 ever 3 weeks I give it a nice watering of ph6.0 water with slf 100 and I flush it a little too when I do this. It’s been keeping my soil healthy I believe. My last harvest which was my first indoor harvest has a very white ash. One did have some black but it was a tester still had cloaphil and was damp still. We will see the flavor was there though. As soon as it was dry the smell was kicking. No hay or grass smell at all. Straight strain terps on parade.

I do want to add silica though my clones in vege have very flimsy stem system. Needs strength but no matter what I do try hey still flimsy I bought the silica from npk industry RAW brand or something lien that. They have all sorts of stuff like yuca and all other salts you need for nutes it’s like an ala cart nutrient program I think. Not sure really I need to learn more about it.

Not legal here thus the fact for guerilla grower in the past. I don’t give them any reason to come to my house. if I could only grow legally, I can’t imagine how my outdoor grows would turn out. let me know if you ever need help, if I don’t know, I will tag someone that I think does. I will never give anyone an answer just to make it look like I know the answer. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am a straight shooter. I don’t sugar coat it, if I don’t know, I will try to find the answer

I live in New York bro I hear that.

I have flimsy stem clones I want to make more thick I was thinking about adding silica to my regiment but idk how to really. I’ve read about it but it seems as if it could go wrong and I haven’t spoken to anyone else who uses it to find out what’s up with it.

This is my last grow I did in fox farms ocean soil on 3 gallon pots with a viperspectra blurple light I think it’s 600 wats and fox farms nutrients also used mammoth p and recharge bennies used ph 6.0 and dropped rh at the end of flower. Let the pots go bone dry before I cut them off of the stems and hung to dry last 2 days before they got cut down I kept the lights off. One of the plants I do believe was fully dead when I chopped it down and that one had the Best pungent smell. The other still had a little more moisture in it but it was also mainlined and had bigger buds everywhere. This is my first indoor harvest. My new grow is a little bit different but mostly doing all the same stuff. Only changed the light and the nutes and I use natural organic ph up and down now too no more harsh chemicals for my girls :wink:

70 days of flower time by the way. I could of maybe let them go longer but I got a bunch of plants and it wasclogging up the flow so they had to go (<rhyme)

Try bending and tweeking the branches, I still do mine every time I water

I been doin that every day basically getting different branches everyday I’m not too concerned about it because the stretching will eventually stop anyway so if I do my best to slow it down I think I’ll be ok. I was thinking about putting them in a wider pot make the roots grow slow down the top growth maybe ? WhT do you think. ?

Keep your TDS moderate and you should be okay. Understanding the relationship between the plant and the nutrient/supplements is where it just takes growing weed.

I have no clue how to use your silica. I do use GH Armor Si and the only caveat with it is to add to your water first. Spindly stalks won’t be helped much as it’s likely genetics. You can run a fan across them which should help. Silica will make the stem less pliable.

Well the plant I took the clone from doesn’t have spindles stalks that’s what made it an issue in my eyes. On the pack it says 1tsp a gallon of water

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WhT you think. I’m sceptical about using it

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Sorry; no information. Maybe look it up?

Plants express genetics in different environments. The tendency was there and it’s expressing itself now.

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Silicate is a good thing, same with kelp

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I guess I figured out my issue here and it’s a clone and I was thinking it was going to become as big as the original plant but I guess I was mistaken. Clones don’t get as big as the parents ?

My latest update here. I’m going on to 3rd week of flower. 5 gallon buckets. Mid-high 70s during the day low 60s at night. Feeding flora flex EC 1.4-1.6 ph 6.0 planted in coco loco potting soil mix. Flowering under hlg550 with 30 wat led uva attachment. Adding mammoth p and recharge also.