Just started feeding flowing nutrients and this started happeninh

Ph between 6.6-6.9 pure blend pro for soil bloom

Soil is fox farms. outdoor grow. Don’t know the ppm of the soil as I can’t catch run off in a 50 gallon fabric pot

Thinking maybe phosphorus def?

.bump please

it looks like dirt …does it wash off?..if not then black almost always means mold

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Support ticket anyone please?

I feel like i should have that stuff on copy and paste… but lazy panda is lazy lol

Other leaves around it look ok to me. Looks like a lower fan leaf dying off which is normal.

I don’t need a support ticket I basically said everything about it it’s an outdoor grow Foxfarm soil Couldn’t tell you the PPM ph to 6.5 don’t know what how much more information I would need to give to get an answer

Wasnt trying to be weird about it, and i have never grown outdoors.

That being said theres no age i can tell, one picture of a leaf, no desired strain info, etc.

The forum has a pretty great thing to fill out to get great info from a lot of growers for your specific issues.

I usually grow indoor, so from what ive seen here i cant give better advice


Sorry wasn’t trying to be rude either happy growing!

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Growing weed and having problems looking for the answer is like algebra. Without all of the info it is hard to help. The support ticket asks all of the questions that are variables. Grow method, lighting, medium, nutes, and the list goes on. With all of this specific info and a plethora of experienced growers here you will get the quickest and most concise answers. Hope that explains it. Might need that for a future grow but lets hope not.

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