Just started 3rd week of flower

Just some pics of 3rd week of flower… bl: cream Carmel fl: Tony profit middle: anaphylaxis right side: bubba pupil
Uploading: 2BE5FDF2-CFBA-4BE8-AF98-310E6666ECE1.jpeg…
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Processing: 96B15132-5B30-4349-9191-A344305D3A45.jpeg…
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Gotta wait until pictures fully upload…


Thanks I’m still trying to figure all this out


Looking’ great!

Thanks this is the first grow that ive tried a couple different things and so far so good

Looks good may even have a purple variety when the buds actually come in

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Welcome to the jungle,

Some nice trees. You have the bottoms cleaned up nicely. Now it looks like time to thin out the bush on top.

Thanks man! I’m hoping they will stay purple like that if so I’m definitely taking some clones from her!!

Thanks man I’m still working on that skill set for using a trellis net and trying to control the stretch by tying them or weaving them under the net I’m not fully understanding the concept of how that would shorten the node spacing​:person_shrugging: But it’s all a work in progress :blush::blush:

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Thank you :blush: happy to be welcomed