Just started 1st rwdc

I’m pretty new here I’m bobboo
I have a quick question I started the girls
And I’m starting to see roots coming out of the net pot I started with level @2” into the pots, should i lower the level now or am i ok? Thanks in advance for your help


Once roots protrude through the net pot the liquid level should remain 1 1/2 to 2" below the net pot. Air stone will cause the liquid to spray the bottom of net pot and roots.


Thank you myfriendis410. I’ll drop it now


Hi Myfriend can I ask another question?

If you don’t mind
My question is about my water it started at 200 ppm do you just add it to your target after nuit’s?
Thanks again

You have to account for the base TDS of your water i.e.: 200 ppm out of the tap. Target TDS is 900 ppm. Mix and dilute until 900 ppm is reached, including the base water.

This is why many growers (hydro especially) run R/O systems to control ALL variables in nutes.

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Thanks MyFriend
I tried a charcoal filter this time
Better start my wish list for the next grow

I use a rv charcoal filter, but i have tap water at 50 ppm. Depending on how big your plants get you want to slowly increase the gap under the pot. This lets them grow giant super highway roots to the spaghetti little roots and let the plant breathe. If you want you can check out my setup, but im no expert by any stretch.



Thanks I’ll check it out
my tap water is @200ppm
The filters i used only brought it down to 170ppm. Maybe i need .5 micron first

Hey thanks fir the link good reading.
Do you have some grow journals?

I’m starting see the roots reaching into my 3” drains now should i try to move them?

They will grow into the space you provide. The 3" drain should be ok. By the time you hit flower your water should be 1/3 from the bottom having a huge gap between the net pot and water. This should reduce the spaghetti roots, but no matter what they will grow into whatever. You can try caps to stop them, but these will just get clogged so run with it.

Im fairly new and my grow journal was linked. I only have 3 topics on the forum. My last grow, a review of adding filtration “awesome btw” and the link above for my 4th grow.

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Thanks Jarlax
Sounds good, I figured it would be tuff to keep them out of the drain and I don’t really want to mess them up