Just some pictures to look at


What strain??

Mimosa is the one with the purple and Lost Coast

Lookin nice and frosty. Cool temps at night?

Lowryder 2 half baked


yeah, hit 39 one night, has warmed up but still in the 50’s. Really brings out the colors. Have another week of warm weather at least, will reevaluate then. I hope it’s like other fruits and veg where that little kiss of cool changes the flavor and makes it just a little sweeter.

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Sorry I thought this was the “post your bud” thread lol

Go right ahead and post more. I don’t really see a thread like that and there should be one, especially this time of year.


I love bud photos. They look like Christmas ornaments to me. It grieves me that such a wonderful, beautiful, versatile plant has such a bad wrap. I try to not call it weed. A weed is a plant who’s virtues have not yet been discovered. (Ralph Waldo Emmerson)

Here is one of my Wedding Cake early bud:


First time grower. Week 6. Cannabis is so sexy. I left the blurple light on because it shows the tricomes better. Well and I’m stoned and think the photos are cool. Stay elevated!

Doug’s Varin, GDP, 2 x Purple punch. One Purple punch is flat and fat. Probably going to use that for QWET or jartech.



Beautiful pics. As another guy said, there arent many post of this kind here. It would be good if people post more of this because i love this kind of photography. We could also propose tp do a photography contest.

I would also want to share with you that im running a humble blog with cannabis tips. Weekly posts. Doin it for entertainment purposes, no business around this.

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Welcome here! I checked your site out. I love that it is in Spanish. I need to brush up on my Spanish. When I was working in the medical field I got real good at it as most of my patients spoke only Spanish. They would tease me to no end for the way I would drawl out words in my Texas accent. We always had great fun with each other and I loved that they were excited to teach me how to speak their language.