Just sharing a Lil somthin , somthin


If I can , I will… might be moving… so i might have to tear everything down…
I have an agreement with landlord that I will give him 3 months notice if i decide to move and he has to give me 3 months to move out if he wants to sell… house is only worth 30k and he wants 90k … not gonna happen… I’ll move first… :wink:


So here are some updates that I promised… :grin:
So I had to tear down my veg area and move to a smaller setup and I started all new strains… 12 total… 2 ilgm super silver haze , 2 ilgm white widow’s , 2 cali fruity kush , 3 purple kush , 1 ghost kush , 2 unknowns that were a cross in my room… also I forgot that there was 2 girl scout cookie… started them out in rockwhool…
Ofcourse they all grow differently , so I rotate them if need be for better lighting depending on how there growing…
So here is a pic from a few weeks back…



Here they are after a few weeks…

Plants in front in the blue cups are growing slower and clones on the sides came from the fastest growers…


Forgot to check on the clones for a couple of days so they died… no biggie…
Here’s what they look like in my flower room…
I was a lazy bum and only put up the top net , so a future battle will in sue…lol
1 ilgm super silver haze , 1 unknown cross and 1 cali fruity kush… :wink:



Your pretty care free huh lol😢, poor girls


Here’s the slow growers after a couple of weeks and some new clones… except this time I used dwc for my clones with neoprene collars… always successful…

Slow growers started growing pretty fast once the light wasn’t being blocked by the other’s… :wink:



So it was time to get them into flower room asap… 6 plants this time , so a full tote and this time I was smart enough to put up the first net … will be putting up the top net soon… :wink:



Here is a shot of the girls in the first table after 1 week of 12/12 …

I will be taking more clones and cleaning things up under the skirt…


Here is a shot of both tables… :grin:



Here is a shot of the aftermath of the last batch going out… :wink:

Will be getting everything moved around and cleaned up in this area…
I forgot that there was 2 girl scout cookie in there also…


I do my net different, not saying that it’s the right way, but once I super crop and start tying them down, and continue to tie them down during the stretch, I have no need for the second net. School me, Sinsei :grin::grin::grin:


I am preparing to change things up and go more towards your setup, just might take a while to get there, I do however pay attention to what you say. BTW, are you going to send child support when this drunk pregnant chick delivers?


I will be taking pictures of both tables… you will see that the table with 2 nets is going to give me less grief… the table with one net is going to be a major pain… buds are going to be falling all over the place and laying ontop of one another… very frustrating… you will see… :wink:



Also first net has 8 inch squares just to kind of get everything in place for the stretch … second net has 4 inch squares to keep all of the buds in place and to get the best light… :wink:
@jt123 @Psu8286 @Familyman @basementstealth scroll to the top for lots of good info…


I understand what you’re doing, and I’m sure with 6, plants to a net is different than 1.


Does the net help support the heavy colas?? Or will i still need poles?


The nets work like a charm… I just hate putting them up… more times then not , i work in the garden by myself… wife is a plant specialist and works on a big lot of different plants… the last thing she wants to do is help with plants when she gets home from work… lol … I get it… so needless to say , I’m my own worker and dont really have much help… it is what it is… :grin:



What are the measurements on your hoods?


I will get you exact measurements… but I believe they are 36 x 28 or close to that… :wink:
Let me get back to you… :wink:


Just cleaned everything up and took some clones from the cali fruity kush… :grin:
I’m so happy… I believe that they are all girls… :wink:
Here’s a before the chop… :grin: