Just sharing a Lil somthin , somthin


I move on… and build again… that’s what makes this hobby so fun… always changing and adapting and fighting new struggles… I think that’s what keeps me young… even if I get out of a chair screaming and yelling… at least I’m still moving… :grin:


Yeah, I know the feeling… :laughing:

I am also eager and impatient to move and be able to grow again… Things are moving slow, but moving… I expect my next grow this winter… Will see… :crossed_fingers:

I keep my self occupied and sharp in helping in the Lab… Just been promoted with the moderator title… Ou-là-là…lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::frog::sunglasses:

Time to time I help here when tagged… But I am less and less present here…

But don’t forget where I coming from and certainly don’t forget my long time friends like you… :grinning::v::innocent:

I send much love to you, mon cher ami… :heart::heart::heart::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::metal::metal::metal::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:


Good job. Are all your flower tables in the same room, or separate? Inquiring minds want to know


All in one room… 3 to 4 weeks apart … it’s a perpetual grow… so I put 6 in and take 6 out every 3 to 4 weeks… :wink:



How many do you have in veg room to support the rotation? How long do you veg? Clone or seed? Yes! I think you got it going on and I’m trying to imitate your set up.:cowboy_hat_face:


No worries my friend… we get you set up…
What you have to understand with this thread is that your seeing me transform from soil to hydro… :wink:
As for your questions… I just clone more then I think I need and then toss the ones that are having a hard time… only the strong will survive… you need to be able to grow them for at least 2 to 3 years before you can predict what your outcome will be… :grin:
As far as strains go and predicted money values…
@Grandaddy013 … scroll to the top to see my adventures… :grin: I will update soon I promise…


I like how u change ur setup each time! I have done this for my past 3 and def gets aggravating sometimes, but it is all in just fun. It’s people like us that make amazing cannibas!


I forgot I was already “watching”, just hadn’t been anything for awhile.
Question about your setup for 3 totes in flower stage. Where is the reservoir? Is it on the table also?
What size and type totes are you using? I saw some 27gal hd totes today at home Depot for less than $10 each.
Are you doing 6 plants per tote? What size net pots.
Where’s the drunk, pregnant chick?


Those 27 gallon HD totes are the ones that I use for flowering with two 5 gallon reservoirs per tote… one res is just the control res with pump and it pumps water into 2nd res that holds 4 frozen 2 liter bottles if need be…

The reason that I do it this way is so that I’m not dumping cold water or nutrients directly on my roots , plus more water holding capacity… :wink:
The net pots that I use are just skeletons of pots just so I can fit a bigger neoprene collar into it when I go from veg to flower and it’s real only purpose is just to keep the plant upright and not allow the plant to fall into the tote… but they are pretty small , I think 5 inches wide by 5 inches tall… @Grandaddy013


I use the smaller 17 gallon HD totes with one 5 gallon res for the pump and three 2 liter bottles in it and in this system I just pump everything right into the top of the tote… in vegg plants dont seem to mind what you do to them , so I dont worry about it to much… and in this system for net baskets I use those really small solo cups… :wink:



And here is my rdwc cloning system with two totes and one 5 gallon control bucket that pumps water into both totes and is gravity fed back to the 5 gallon bucket… :wink:
And I use little 1 1/4 inch neoprene collars that I made for this setup… :grin:


And this is how I move up from neoprene collars every time they move to a different home… :wink:



So I’m guessing you have separate reservoirs for each tote, due to the fact that they will be in different stages and need different nutrients.


@peachfuzz on the 27gal totes, what size pipe are you using for recirculating (gravity lines at bottom)


3/4 return lines and 1/2 pump lines…:wink:



The water is circulating through the lower pipes instead of the top. Is that what you’re saying?


Everything is gravity fed back to res…
My flower totes pump water from one res to another and then gravity moves it through the tote and back into res where pump is…
Maybe you can see it better in this pic…

I will get a better pic in a lil while when lights come on… :wink:


Ok. Basically same way I’ve got mine. Just wanted to be sure.


I’ve changed little things here and there over time… now everything is just how I want it… :grin:

I’ll still get you some better pics… :wink:
@JoshawaM @ACK just scroll to the top… lots of good info… will be updating soon , I promise… :wink:


Thanks an are you running in the growoff?