Just saying Hello, Glad to be here

ThaNKS FOR THE GREAT WELCOME :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have found out that Higher temps are making the outside girls to go grow like weeds HAHA the one in the wooden planter box is Huge she loves the weather and water and the horse poop water mix I pour on them every week and with the rain we have been getting 1 to 2 inches each time it rains we measure it and I use rain water for the inside girls.

Low-mid 80s are what I got for in flower. Any higher and I get canopy burn. Especially under the hlg. More concentrated

My Big Girl in the big wooden box is now making sugar dust and clear lube( That’s what My wife ,I call it Sorry Not to be strange) ! My two bag ladies

this last one is three days ago the big girl in the wooden box

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